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WWE: SmackDown Tapings Results 19/11/03 *Spoilers*

Velocity Taping:

Orlando Jordan beat “Who can’t get a break worse than” Kanyon.

A guy named Lopez beat Masada.

Nunzio beat Paul London in a short, good match.

Sean O’Haire beat Vince’s favorite whipping boy, Ultimo Dragon.

Chuck Palumbo beat Funaki.

Scotty 2 Hotty beat Vince’s second favorite whipping boy, Rhyno.

Smackdown Taping:

The show started with Vince McMahon, who was on crutches and obviously “banged up”, doing a promo saying that while Undertaker beat the snot out of him on Sunday at the PPV, he got help from a divine being (Kane) and got the win. Sable was helping Vince move around because he was so beaten up. He has invited Kane to be here later tonight and deliver Undertaker’s eulogy. Being evil made Vince feel better. John Cena then came out and ripped Vince up with a great rap.

In the back, Brock was mad at his Series team for letting him down. He told them that they could make it up to him tonight. He talked to Paul Heyman before the show and Nathan Jones will take on Chris Benoit, with Brock in the corner, and Big Show will wrestle Cena.

Rey Mysterio beat Akio Yang in a good match.

In the back, Heyman was looking for Shannon Moore when he sees Shaniqua doing her bondage thing on the Bashams. She asked Heyman if he would like to join them, and he declined. Heyman then found Moore and told him that Matt Hardy’s contract run out because Stephanie didn’t do her job. But, Heyman said he would take care of Moore. He booked him in a match against Matt Morgan. Of course, Morgan destroyed Moore.

In a rematch for the Cruiserweight Title from Heat, Tajiri beat Jamie Noble. The story of the match was the return of Nidia, who came out to the ring “blind” using a cane. Nidia debuted her new assets and wow, they are, um, large.

Kane then delivered a hokey, melodramatic eulogy for the Undertaker. Looks like they meet again at Mania XX.

Chris Benoit beat Nathan Jones with the Crossface. Brock tried to help Jones but it backfired. After the match, Lesnar beat down Benoit until Bob Holly made the save and ran him away until Heyman came out with police and had him arrested and suspended.

Ernest “The Cat” Miller will debut on Smackdown next week.

Los Guererros beat Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (remember them?). After the match, TWGTT threw Eddie to the floor and beat down Chavo. Eddie made the save but ingrate Chavo asked what took him so long. Chavo again yelled at him when they got to the back.

In the main event, Cena beat The Big Show in a match where he was getting beaten down most of the way. It looks like they may have shot the ending twice.