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ROH Locker Room Scoops For the week of 16/11

-The Raven vs. CM Punk feud comes to a close on 11/28 in Fairfield, CT at Sacred Heart University, which is located right off I-95 and close to Hartford and New York City. This match will definitely be the last one-on-one match between Punk and Raven and will settle the feud. Both men want it over so it will end no matter what on 11/28 with a conclusive victor. Next week there will be a poll here at letting you pick the match styles you want in the Lottery From Hell, which will decide what kind of match the final Punk vs. Raven bout will be. More info coming next week. Be a part of history as what many call the greatest ROH feud ever comes to a close!!!

-Just added for 11/29 in Woburn, MA is an eight man scramble match that will have Special K vs. Loc, Devito & The SAT. Also, Jimmy Rave (pictured) and CM Punk have just been added to the gauntlet series so the gauntlet series will now have Punk, Rave, BJ Whitmer, Matt Stryker and Colt Cabana. Two of these competitors will start out with a singles match. A series of consecutive single matches will follow. The winner of the match will move on to face the next guy through the curtain until there is one winner. This should provide some very interesting match ups. This match will have huge ramifications on the top five rankings as all these men try to get in position to earn a title shot.

-Add Chris Sabin to the 1/10 Wilmington, Ohio and 1/29 Baltimore area events.

-Homicide vs. AJ Styles is the first match signed for 1/10 in Wilmington. Tickets on sale now.

-The Thanksgiving weekend will see the release of the 9/6 “Beating The Odds” and 10/16 “Tradition Continues” tapes. There is a small chance that the 9/20 “Glory By Honor II” double tape set will be out then, but most likely it will be released the following week. The 6/14 “Night Of Grudges” DVD will also be released either at the double shot or the week after.

-We’ll have news on the Second Anniversary show soon as well as some info on new areas ROH will run in the Spring.

-Jim Cornette has said that he will never allow ROH tag team champions Jay & Mark Briscoe to defend the tag titles vs. The Backseat Boyz as long as Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere continue to use the same theme music Cornette’s Midnight Express used. Cornette considers it disrespectful. The Backseats have no plans of changing their music for Cornette.

-ROH management is glad to report that it has patched up its differences with 3PW and the so-called Philly wrestling war is officially dead. Now if only certain promoters in the New England area could follow that example.

-There is a sense of urgency among the five men who could be in the Field Of Honor finals. They all know that they are so close to earning the prestige of being the first FOH champion, which no doubt will skyrocket their career. Everyone knows this could make or break their career. 11/28 in Fairfield, CT will be one of the most important nights in the careers of Dan Maff, BJ Whitmer, Colt Cabana, Matt Stryker and Xavier.

-Samoa Joe and AJ Styles both insist they are focused on winning the ROH tag titles from The Briscoes on 11/28 and they won’t let the fact that they are fighting for the world title the next night distract them. They both see this as a golden opportunity to come out of the weekend as the first ROH double champion. Meanwhile, the Thanksgiving weekend double shot will be a major test for The Briscoes as they try to break the curse of the tag titles and retain them against two superstar teams.

-Add Sonjay Dutt and The SAT of Jose & Joel Maximo to the convention card that will happen on the afternoon of 12/27 in Philadelphia. This card will be part of the convention where you can get autographs and meet All Japan and ROH stars. This is a seperate admission ticket than the “Final Battle 2003” show that night, but it is only $5 to see the stacked card and have a chance to meet the stars.