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Scottish Championship Wrestling

As a small time promotion based in the UK, you wouldnt expect it to blow you away with its top class matches and overall entertaining product. But, I was shocked to see how good their last two shows have been. That promotion is none other than SCW: Scottish Championship Wrestling. Right here, I’m going to take a look at Scotland’s top promotion.

For a long time, the wrestling scene in Scotland was seemingly non-existent. Besides the WWF Tribute shows, there hasn’t really been any wrestling in Scotland besides the very rare shows ran by the WWA and WWE.  That has all changed now that Scottish Championship Wrestling has made its mark. Running their first show back in 2001 in Linwood, their have only recently ran their fourth show, When Spirits Rise, which was headlined by a 30 man “Caledonian Skirmish”, otherwise known as a Royal Rumble.

The show itself was top class and on a par with the WWA PPV which I attended close to a year ago.  That’s saying a lot, especially when SCW is still a small promotion and didn’t look as good on paper in contrast to the WWA show which featured several big name wrestlers.  In SCW, you won’t see any big name wrestlers like the ones you may have seen in the WWA like Sabu or Sting.  But some of the top SCW stars like Majik and Conscience would certainly give them a run for their money in the Most Entertaining category.

SCW has clearly come a long way since their first show.  The first show, titled “Lion Rampant” was a solid show, but well didn’t impress me highly.  On a contrast though, the past two SCW shows, Summer Spirit and When Spirits Rise have been of a very high standard.  I can’t claim to have seen much wrestling coming from any English promotions other than the FWA, but I doubt that many promotions are promoting shows as good as this regularly.  

It’s a shame that SCW aren’t getting the attendances they deserve with the last show only drawing in the region of 150 fans.  Especially with the low ticket prices on offer.  A few friends came along to the last SCW show with me and were amazed at the value for money they got.  Two of them had paid  £25+ to see a WWE show.  They couldn’t believe they had seen a show as good as or better for less than a ¼ of the price.  SCW has been going on trying to build a fan base.  If shows continue to be as good as this, they’ll have one sooner or later.

In results from When Spirits Rise:

  • Andy Hogg beat Majik to win the last place in the Skirmish.  As a result, Majik had to start as no.1.  The extremely funny and entertaining “Pigman” Andy Hogg was accompanied by Sabotage who looks a cross between the Undertaker and Kevin Nash.

  • Total Annihilation (Hatred & Adam Shame w/Draevyn) beat The Averys in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.  This was a wild one that went all around the building.

  • Saltire & C4 defeated Aidan Corrigan and CJ Hunter in a Young Lions Match.

  • Conscience beat Chris Charizma in a decent match.

  • Drew McDonald beat Eric Canyon to retain the SCW Heavyweight Title.

  • Kobayashi Marou won the Caledonian Skirmish.

Then, in a post match angle, the masked Kobayashi Marou was revealed to be none other than ex-SCW champ, Conscience.

So, SCW returns on February 14th in Greenock with Drew McDonald v Conscience for the SCW Title and Saltire v Aidan Corrigan in a Ladder Match.  I’d really advise anyone in the Glasgow area to go along to see SCW.  It’ll be well worth the £10 entrance fee.

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