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World Japan Wrestling closing its doors

World Japan Wrestling announced it would be restructuring and returning with a 1/5/04 event, but all sign point to the promotion closing its doors after that final show. The promotion actually released all contracted employees from their commitments this week and began selling off property, including tour buses used to transport wrestlers to events. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise at all, because Takao Omori had already bolted for ZERO-ONE and the promotion’s interest and crowd levels were lukewarm right out of the gate without any sign of growth. It is expected that Riki Choshu will get involved with ZERO-ONE. Steve Corino already cut a promo challenging Choshu during the 11/21 ZERO-ONE event.

Kensuke Sasaki, the biggest name on World Japan’s roster and (technically still their current champion) had already announced he had left the company due to money owned. Sasaki is rumored to be leaning towards All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he would be reunited with former partner Hiroshi Hase, although there was one magazine report out of Japan today which linked him to his former home of New Japan. Genichiro Tenryu has also announced he has severed all ties with the company.