US Wrestling Scene News

WWE: Injury Updates listed a number of injury updates on performers. Kevin Nash will report to Dr. Hae-Dong Jho (who did the surgery on Kurt Angle earlier this week) in December to evaluate his neck. The site notes that Nash’s surgery was “deemed a success.” Oddly enough, there is no mention of Angle’s recent surgery on the site.

In other injury updates: Billy Gunn is expected back from his most recent shoulder problems on 12/1. Edge is expected to be approved for “light in-ring work” in February 2004 and is expected to return in early March, which would put him in line to work Wrestlemania XX if needed. Billy Kidman (right knee injury) and Spike Dudley (bruised lower back) will return to the ring in about a week. Referee Earl Hebner injured his shoulder at the Survivor Series PPV but there appears to be no tear according to an MRI. He isn’t expected to have full range of motion for at least another week. La Resistance’s Sylvan Grenier is still having issues with his neck and back and due to swelling, an MRI proved inconclusive. They hope he can be evaluated in a few weeks as the swelling goes down.