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WWE: RAW House Show – 21/11/03 – Detroit, Michigan

Saw my first house show friday night here in Detroit. Show started off with Coach coming out to boos and he introduced Eric Bisoff who went on to tell us that Bubba Dudley was suspended and wouldn’t be here tonight. The titles were still up for grabs and Devon could pick a partner of his choosing. Not to long after that he went on how it was great that Steve Austin was suspended etc etc..

Out comes Hurricane Bischoff tells him that if he wants his job to go easy he should relax. Hurricane sets Bischoff up for a choke slam. This is interrupted by the Brooklyn Brawler who starts pounding on Hurricane. Out comes Tommy Dreamer who has a ken-do stick in his hands looks like hes going to take out Bisoff and The Brawler but at the last second turns on Hurricane and hits him with the kendo stick. This sets up the first match as Rosey comes out to the aid of Hurricane.

Hurricane and S.H.i.T vs Tommy Dreamer and Brooklyn Brawler. This match didn’t go on long before it was interrupted by La Resistance who beat on Hurricane and Rosey. Out comes Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak who start beating on La Resistance. I am pretty sure Hurricane and Rosey won this match but as soon as it was finished the Cade Jindrak vs La Resistance match started without so much as anything but the bell.

Cade Jindrak vs La Resistance
Very solid match with both teams giving a full effort. Fun to watch both teams had everyone pumped up.
Cade Jindrak win via pin over La Resistance.

Mark Henry vs Val Venus
Decent match some funny spots by Val. Very funny spot where Val got on the mic and told Theodore Long he couldn’t beat up the girl that he was arguing with in the first row.
Winner via pin Mark Henry

Christian and Lita vs Molly and Matt Hardy
Really decent inter-gender tag match solid spots for both teams looks like a match will see on Raw this week. After the match Coach interviewed Lita about everything thats happened to her this week and as the interview was going we saw a run in from Jazz. Lita made quick work of her and punched out Coach and left.
Winner via pin Christian and Lita

Y2J vs Maven
Another decent match. Both guys hit there normal spots and the match went longer then some of the others during the show. Y2J got a bit of mic time before this match and got some solid heat from the crowd. Maven looks pretty decent and it looks like hes getting a good push.
Winner Y2J via Walls of Jericho submission

Test and Steiner vs Devon and Hurricane
Yup we got to see Hurricane twice in one night. My son was happy! Anyway another decent match. Sure did miss seeing Bubba but still fun to watch! Not to many highlights for this match but still pretty solid. Biggest bummer was that there was no Stacy to see out there. Hurricane ended up taking Bubba’s spot smacking Devon in the chest and yelling for the tables. Test to the dive thru the table.
Winner via pin fall Devon and Hurricane

R.V.D vs Kane
This match was maybe 2 1/2 minutes long. Very few classic RVD spots that you would like to see and Kane didn’t seem to do much of anything. After a minute or so Kane went grabbed a chair and got DQed from the match. Followed this up by a choke-slam
and it was all over.
Winner RVD via DQ

Booker T and Goldberg vs Batista Triple H and Randy Orton
Triple H did his insult the city the sports teams and anything else he could about Detroit for some decent heat. You can really see how damn HUGE Batista is in person. He looked way bigger then Goldberg or Booker. Very good match with some solid spots in the end Booker T pinned Orton for the win. At the end of the show Booker got on the mic and to Goldberg it was time to show everyone something the Goldbergeroonie! Goldberg actually pulled it off pretty decent.
Winner via pin Booker T and Goldberg

Overall I had a really great time at the show the crowd was into it and my son and I had alot of fun. If you have not ever been to a house show I would recommend it. The tickets are pretty decently priced and its well worth it.