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K-Star results – 21/11/03

KSW Wrestlefest @ Walsall Town Hall a huge, huge success!

K-Star Wrestling held a show at Walsall town hall on Friday 21st November, and we are happy to report it went absolutely excellent! The Show its self was entitled KSW Wrestlefest, and it sure lived up to its billing as close to 450 people packed the near capacity venue to feast on the wrestling brilliance. The show its self was covered by several local news papers including the Express & Star, and was even publicised on BBC WM radio.(When KSW British Champ Mad Dog Maxx and American import Sal Americana were quests on the Jenny Wilkes Sports show on Thursday 20th).


Match One Tag Team Contest.

Adam Pendry + Rob Blaze (Hot Loving) Def Wolf + Gremlin (Wild Kaos).

The first bout of the evening sure did set the pace for the night, with some excellent tag team manoeuvres from both sides as well as some out standing solo skill!  Wolf and Gremlin went in to this match favourites simply because they are the longest running and most consistent Tag-Team in KSW History, however things rarely go as predicted in KSW!

Rob Blaze with his aerial assaults and Adam Pendry with his sheer power matched off against the innovative Wolf and the speedy Gremlin, moves to take note of were:- and impressive Vertical Suplex by Adam Pendry into a high, high cross body by Blaze, and a move that needed to be seen to be believed by Wild Kaos. They call it the Kaos Engine, it was undoubtedly move of the night!

Match Two.

Abbas The Iranian Warrior Def.  The Gentleman Christopher Locke.

Bout number two was undoubtedly a pier six brawl from the get go. Both men went at it hard from the bell mixing harsh brawling tactics with beautiful wrestling manoeuvres, both men were matched off against well, but in the end it was the Iranians experience that shined though as he distracted the ref allowing his new running buddy killer khan to jump in and do some damage to the popular Gentleman allowing the whiley Abbas to hit his excellent Swanton for the 1-2-3, it broke the rules, but when asked about his questionable victory the large Iranian simply stated if the ref didnt see it its legal!.

Match Three.

Ric Violent Def. Carl Mizzery.

This bout was very well received by the crowd, Ric was in his home town and in top form, Mizzery was also on form as he mixed high flying prowess with killer charisma and his arrogant charm.

Despite what many thought may be a style clash this bout was sheer brilliance, as both men went close to victory many times to make for a close and exiting bout. Eventually Violent countered a huricainrana in to his patented and brilliant Violent Drop from the second rope to gain a crucial victory.

Match Four Hair Vs Hair.

Danny Devine Def. Sal Americana

This match was for the wrestling purist- Heaven its self. Both men put there all into the speedy technical match, as it wasnt just pride on the line it was there hair!  Before the match it was agreed that the looser would have his hair shaved completely bald in the middle of the ring!

Mr Americana tried everything to go back on his word as he did want to loose his locks. He tried everything from a fake Doctors note, to employing a huge 66 Bodyguard!  It was to no avail (to the delight of the crowd) as on the 18 min mark Danny Devine reversed a Sleeper hold and pinned the American 123!  Following the bell sed Bodyguard Callous entered the ring aiming to save his employer he got a drop kick for his pleasure Devine Style! Then in the centre of the ring Sal Americana was Stripped of his hair, to the cheers of the crowd and the cries of him self!

Match Five

KSW Great British Championship Fall Count any ware!

In this bout all safety parameters were void as rules were thrown out of the window.  Pin Falls were legal any ware inside Walsall Town Hall, and the competitors were permitted to use anything that wasnt nailed down to gain victory.  This was Mad Dog first title defence, and Spirit Walkers first shot at the belt in a year, so emotions and pride were running high.

The match its self really did include some brutal offence from both men, The Dog almost lost the title on a few occasions, when he barley kicked out from a brain buster off the apron to the floor, and a back drop on the stage! As well as some nasty hardcore stuff, there truly as some classy wrestling mixed in as both competitors exchanged school boy roll ups, victory rolls,
crucifix pins and many more!

Spirit thought he had the match won when he hit his trade mark sit out power bomb through a couple of stacked chairs and a Russian leg sweep in ring to out via a table. However as he sought to cause unnecessary damage with a chair, he swung wildly, giving mad dog the chance to duck. At this the chair Bounced off the ropes and back in to the stunned Spirit Walker allowing Mad Dog Maxx to scoop him up, ram him back first and in to 2 exposed turn buckles and bring him down in a power slam motion ( a move he calls the Stampede Power Slam) for the 1-2-3! As the match was so close and either man could have won on several occasions, dont expect this to be there last encounter!

Match six

Adam Pendry won a 21 man Royal Rumble!