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RBW/UKWA – 22/11/03 show results

Killamarsh Sports Centre, Killamarsh, Sheffield/Derbyshire

Saturday 22nd November 2003

This show saw the first joint show between Revolution British Wrestling and the United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance. Both promotions teamed together for the first time, to bring top talent from around the country to one show. The show also saw the start of the tournament to crown the first British Heavyweight Champion to be recognised by Revolution British Wrestling, G.N Promotions and United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance.

British Heavyweight Tournament – “Misfit” Jorge Castano def “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite

This match saw the anticipated return to action of Colombia‘s “Misfit” Jorge Castano, since his last appearance back in September 2002. Since then, Jorge has continued to work for other UK promotions, and is now the trainer at the RBW London Training Centre based in Enfield, London.

Cameron Knite has recently been making a huge name for himself. Last month in Nottingham at an RBW show, Cameron Knite teamed with arguably the UK‘s top wrestler James Mason to take on, and defeat, the combination of “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter and Keith Myatt. Cameron shone in that match, and is looking to further expand his career.

The match between them both tonight saw some excellent wrestling action, with Jorge capitalizing with a great array of maneuvers, whilst making his feelings about the Killamarsh audience very vocal. However, Cameron mounted strong comebacks full of energy, but Jorge kept managing to slow him down.

Eventually, Jorge pinned Cameron following a German suplex, advancing himself in the Heavyweight Championship tournament.

British Heavyweight Tournament – Stixx def Domino

Back in August of this year in Boston, Lincolnshire, we saw a three-man contest which saw Stixx defeat Domino, before being beaten himself by the eventual winner Scott Future.

A rivalry has since developed between the two wrestlers. Notably, a change in character has developed in “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan. Ross has now aligned himself in former rival’s corner, Stixx, and developed a very cocky attitude.

The two wrestlers showed great examples of strength and ability, which would have proved to be a very exciting contest, had it not been for the interference of Ross Jordan at every opportunity.

At one point the interference backfired, with Domino lifting Jordan way above his head before disposing of him over the top rope and onto the floor.

Jack Hazard won a Battle Royal

Competitors –

  • Jack Hazard (Competed for NWA TNA earlier in the month)

  • Rainz

  • Marc Mignot

  • Johnny Midnight

  • El Ligero

  • Mark Impact

  • Kris Travis

  • Axel Anderson

  • Scotty Hexx

  • J.C Thunder

Before the battle royal started, Rainz spoke on the microphone about the recent events in professional wrestling, in which the world lost international stars like Stu Hart (father of Bret and Owen Hart), Hawk (one half of the Legion of Doom/Road Warriors) and Crash Holly. He then dedicated this match to them. The battle royal saw some top action with every wrestler competing in the hope of taking home the British Battle Royal Trophy. Towards the end we saw Rainz eliminated.

This left Jack Hazard, Kris Travis and El Ligero to compete. After Travis was eliminated, we saw Ligero eliminate Jack Hazard, except the referee was out of place, which led to Hazard returning to the ring and eliminating Ligero, and consequently winning the British Battle Royal Trophy. The trophy was then presented by former boxing superstar and local celebrity Paul “Silky” Jones.

British Heavyweight Tournament – Alan Kilby (British Commonwealth Champion) def “Rock ‘n'” Roll Express” Blondie Barratt

The British Commonwealth Champion Alan Kilby returned to RBW action tonight, against a surprise opponent. Alan’s scheduled opponent Andi Le Bon instead wrestled Kid Cool later on the show. RBW bought in a more than capable opponent, and a wrestling legend in his own right, Blondie Barratt.

This was not the first time these two wrestlers have competed against one another. Matches between the two have taken place around the British circuit for years.

The two put on a very entertaining contest tonight, with Kilby displaying his force of power, and Blondie Barratt capitalizing on a cheating advantage at any opportunity he could get.

In the end it was Alan Kilby who advanced in the tournament by defeating Blondie Barratt following him using face first drop on Barratt for the pinfall.

 British Heavyweight Tournament – James Mason def Keith Myatt

Next up was a contest between two great wrestlers. James Mason, who many have described to be the number one wrestler in the country, tangled with the former British Mid-Heavyweight Champion Keith Myatt.

The two put on a superb contest, with both wrestlers showing their great ability which has taken them to the top of British wrestling. James Mason won the contest following a very swift sequence of athletic maneuvers culminating in a cross body block from the second rope.

BONUS MATCH – Kid Cool def Andi Le Bon

In a bonus match for the show, top All Star Promotions talent Kid Cool made a surprise appearance in which he wrestled Liverpool‘s motormouth, Andi Le Bon.

Andi Le Bon started by claiming to have good looks, and then took of his normal clothing to reveal his wrestling attire to the chants of “fatty” and “who ate all the pies?”. Kid Cool told the audience what they really wanted to see, which was Kid Cool to defeat Andi Le Bon. Kid Cool did just this, with a very competitive showing on his Revolution British Wrestling debut.

British Tag Team Championship – “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan & J.C Thunder (c) def Scott Future (British Mid-Heavyweight Champion) & Will Assault

The final contest of the evening was a British Tag Team Championship defense. New rulings mean that Tag Team Champions can be made out of three wrestlers, with any combination of two, being able to defend them. Ross Jordan & Stixx were the current champions, and they picked J.C Thunder to be the third man.

The beginning of the contest saw Ross Jordan and Stixx introduce J.C Thunder, whilst making a mockery of Killamarsh and the northern regions of England. Then the opposing team of Scott Future and Will Assault came out, and defended the north region of England, before entering the ring and beginning the contest.

The first fall came in a matter of seconds after Will Assault uses a brutal powerbomb variation to ground Ross Jordan, and then a frog splash from Scott Future, taking the first fall of the contest.

J.C Thunder and Ross Jordan got an equalising fall, before getting the winning fall. As the referee was outside of the ring, Stixx returned into the ring and attacked Will, before laying Ross Jordan over him. The referee then returned to count Will’s shoulders down, meaning that J.C Thunder and Ross Jordan retained the British Tag Team Championships.