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WWE: SmackDown House Show, Portland, OR

Rey Mysterio defeated Nunzio by pin fall. The crowd was completely into this match and in my opinion was one of the best matches of the night. End of the match consisted of Rey hitting the 619 for the pin. Great opener.

World’s Greatest Tag Team def Kyo Dai by pin fall. Pretty good match, I don’t get a chance to watch Smackdown very often so it was cool to see TWGTT live in action. Highlight of the match had to be Shelton cleaning house on the hot tag.

Sean O’Haire def Rhyno by pinfall. Rhyno comes out first and gives props to Portland for a pretty cheap pop, but the crowd was into him at first, got the ECW chants going with that. Rhyno pretty much plays the jobber in this one. Highlight of the match: After being pinned, Rhyno gets on the mic and yells out “Portland sucks, I don’t need you people.” Gets a lot of heat for that.

Rikishi/Scotty 2 Hotty def Chuck Palumbo/Johnny Stamboli by pin fall. It was great to see Rikishi and Scotty wrestle. Scotty was hilarious during the whole match. During the first part of the match, Scotty climbs out of the ring, starts searching around ringside and under the ring like he is looking for something, climbs back in, acts like he found it, when he reaches into his pocket and gives the FBI the middle finger, great stuff. Highlight of the match: After the match, the crowd wanted Scotty and Rikishi to dance, but Rikishi didn’t want to and started heading back up the isle, which drew some heat, but Rikishi then signaled 3, which prompted Scotty to get a kid from ringside and bring him into the ring. The kid looked completely scared out of his mind. The 3 of them lined up and Scotty kept slapping Rikishi’s ass and blaming it on the kid, and the kid would blame Scotty. Then they danced. Then after that, Scotty did the worm, and tried to get the kid to do it but he wouldn’t, so Scotty sat the kid down into the corner and Rikishi played like he was going to give the kid a Stinkface, and the kid bailed. Great Stuff!

Tajiri def Ultimo Dragon & Jamie Noble by pin fall (Triple Threat) to retain WWE Cruiser Title. Okay match, I couldn’t really see what Tajiri was doing the whole time in the first part of the match but most of the match was between Noble and Ultimo. Highlight of the match. Ultimo falling for the whole handshake trick from Tajiri and getting clocked for it. Ending sucked, crowd didn’t like that to much.

Basham Bros. w/ Shaniqua def Los Guerreros by DQ to retain WWE tag titles. Great match, lots of Eddie chants during the whole match. He is definitely over here in the northwest. Highlights of the match. First, Eddie gets on the mic and says to Shaniqua “Hey, weren’t you just in a tag match with Charlie Haas?” Second, Eddie untying the rope from the turnbuckle that the tag partner holds on to and bringing it to the middle of the ropes trying to get the tag. Third, seeing Eddie do the frog splash from the top rope, he got major air and I think about every single camera flashed at that point.

Bradshaw/Benoit def Big Show/Mat Morgan/Nathan Jones by pin fall (Changed). Good match, Paul Heyman came down at the beginning of the match and told everyone that Hardcore Holly wasn’t going to be there tonight because he had been suspended, and told us at first that it was going to be a tag team match. Then a guy in the isle next to Heyman kept on giving him some crap and so Heyman says, “Alright you’ve pissed me off, its now going to be a 3 on 2 match and brings out the Big Show. Nice to see the underdog get the win in this one (if you can classify Benoit and Bradshaw as the underdog.) Highlight of the match. Bradshaw giving Big Show a HUGE clothesline from hell and knocking the big man off his feet.

Dawn Marie def Sable in a lingerie match. At first we couldn’t tell what the match was but once they told us it was a small teddy match, the crowd went crazy. Funaki came out as a guest MC for the match and we couldn’t understand a word he was saying during the whole thing. Also might I add that Sable is gorgeous in person! Highlights of the Match. Sable leaves and says that she is to good for us, she turns to leave and Dawn Marie attacks her and strips her down to practically nothing. Which prompts Sable to retreat to the back. Afterwards, Dawn Marie shows us her stuff and does a dance for Funaki which causes him to have to adjust himself, funny stuff.

Brock Lesnar def John Cena by pin fall to retain WWE title. I’d give you the Pre Cena Rap but I can’t remember it all. It pretty much consisted off him putting over Portland and the along with the Blazers and Rasheed Wallace, making fun of Lesnar and the fact that he tapped out. Cena was way over. Lesnar is huge in person! I can’t believe how massive the guy is. Highlight of match: Ref taking the bump, Hardcore Holly runs down and attacks Lesnar, followed by Morgan, Big Show and Jones, then Benoit and Bradshaw. Chris got a few chair shots in and the ring clears. Cena goes for his move, gets low blowed by Lesnar, Lesnar hits the F-5 and wins. Great match, and a good way to finish the evening.

Crowd was about 3/4 full but it sounded like it was sold out. Great evening and I really think that WWE is going to have a lot of success in the Northwest!