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Management was said to be very happy with what they saw of Christian working as a babyface with Lita at the house shows this weekend. I don’t know where they are going with the angle between the two of them, but the company now has some confidence that they could turn him babyface and have it work.

Speaking of management, I heard that they are very happy with the recent work of Test and Maven, but the talk is that they realize that during her time out recovering from neck surgery, Lita was passed by the other divas. That is understandable since during that time, Fit Finlay made the women’s division his pet project and helped improve the quality of work performed in it noticeably over the last year. The feeling is that she will do the work needed to reach the current standard of women’s wrestling on Raw and be fine in the long run.

HHH was carefully testing his injured leg a lot at the house shows this weekend to prepare for his match last night with Goldberg. He was said to be happy with how it held up and had, in my opinion, a solid match with the champ last night.

Kane worked the house shows this past weekend with a really bad case of the flu.

In Tacoma, WA on 11/22, Tommy Dreamer and Mark Henry got into it a little bit during their match. As best as I can tell, they were ticked at each other due to something that happened during the bout and got hot before eventually calming down later. It’s no secret that a lot of guys have gotten upset working with Henry, for what it’s worth.

There were some somewhat scary moments on the ride back from the Yakima, WA house show on Sunday when the caravan of wrestlers had to drive through a snowy patch on the mountain road. Having had to do that myself in the past, I can tell you that it’s not fun, especially when you are not used to it.