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WWE: SmackDown Preview (Non-Spoiler) – 27/11/03

The following is the official Smackdown Preview:

Nov. 27, 2003

This week on SmackDown!, Paul Heyman promises to be a Superstar-friendly General Manager, as he will give everybody on the roster a shot at WWE glory. What can Heyman possibly have in mind? Does the GM really care about his Superstars? Tune in to SmackDown! to find out.

Also, Ernest “The Cat” Miller has been making waves on SmackDown! for the last few weeks, and he hasn’t even made his debut yet! This Thursday night, he’ll do just that. What will “The Cat” do to entertain us? Find out this Thursday night.

Plus, we’ll have a special interview with Hardcore Holly, live from his home in Mobile, Ala.

In singles competition, Eddie Guerrero battles Charlie Haas, and Jamie Noble tangles with Akio. All this and more, this week on SmackDown! on UPN at 8/7 CT.