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NSAC to honour Baroni’s suspension

According to MMA Weekly:

It appears that unless attempts by Phil Baroni to appeal are upheld, the Nevada State Athletic Commission will honor the one-year suspension levied by the Department of Athletic Regulations for the Mohegan Sun for punching referee Larry Landless. In a conversation with NSAC Executive Director Marc Ratner, Ratner stated “I have spoken with the Mohegan Sun and as the NSAC wishes other states and governing bodies to honor our rulings, we will honor this one.” What this means is that, if Baroni’s suspension is upheld, he will not be eligible to get a license to fight in the state of Nevada or at any event under the NSAC’s regulations until November of 2004.

When also asked about the situation that transpired after the Cabbage Correira/Tank Abbott fight, Ratner responded, “If suspensions are handed out to any of the cornermen involved, the NSAC will honor those as well.” So it appears that when a ruling (if any) comes down from the Mohegan Sun regarding the post-fight festivities of that bout, those involved will be facing the same situation as Baroni.

The UFC is expected to fully cooperate with any finalized rulings made by either governing body. So not only would any suspended party not be able to participate in any events throughout the next 12 months in Nevada or Connecticut, but would be prevented from participating in events under the auspices of the UFC. These rulings are especially detrimental to Baroni who was hoping to get a rematch with Evan Tanner, as well as stake a claim to the vacant UFC Middleweight Championship.