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WWE: Raw House Show, San Francisco, California – 29/11/03

Coach came out to be the ring announcer.

(1) Val Venis & Storm beat Renee Dupree & Rob Conway

(2) John Heidenreich over Nick Dinsmore Dinsmore got almost no reaction, but he was very good.

(3) Trish Stratus & Lita beat Molly Holly & Jazz.

(4) Spike Dudley & Test (w/Stacy Keibler)

Afterwards Test beat down the little Dudley, causing Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak to run to his rescue. Once they’d ran Test off they proceeded to attack him until the other Dudley Boyz came out.

(5) World Tag Team: The Dudley Boyz (w/Spike Dudley) beat Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

No tables of course, which was a little disappointing to the fans. There was a fun spot where D-Von Dudley had come back to get his tag belt, and then chased off Coachman for a bit. D-Von then spent a long time, slapping hands with the fans before going backstage.

Afterwards The Coach took a moment to reset his Cool-o-meter, before letting the son of a guy who’d insulted him earlier. The kid (Cody) started attacking poor Jonathan for a while, as the Coach begged him off. Once Cody’d calmed down Coach asked him what he thought of him, Cody said something like “you’re cool.” This might have been the segment of the night with The Coach being nice to the boy.

(6) The Hurricane beat Matt Hardy, Version One via interference from Lita

Matt got less of a reaction then he did when he came here last January. It was still big, but definitely smaller.

(7) Rico (w/Miss Jackie) over Steven Richards (w/Victoria).

Coach hyped Armageddon

(8) Randy Orton & Batista beat Booker T & Maven. Maven was pinned.

Jonathan Coachman announced that the next show here would be in February, a PPV called No Way Out. Sadly, it apparently won’t feature him as it’s Smackdown! only. He called it the first (WWE?) pay per view here, possibly ignoring the majority of the Superbrawls if he didn’t say WWE. (I couldn’t hear over the heat and/or pop)

The announcement of a Pay Per View being here didn’t bring as big of a reaction as I’d thought it would be.

(9) Intercontinental: Rob Van Dam beat Christian and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match. I believe Jericho was pinned. Before the match Jericho did some mike work, then he, Christian and The Coach hugged in a heartwarming moment. When RVD was posing on the corner near me he did a cool flicking gesture that sent his closed IC belt from about his hand to near his shoulder. Afterwards RVD slapped a few people’s hands.

(10) World Heavyweight Championship: Goldberg beat Kane via DQ when Orton and Batista attacked him right after he’d Speared Kane. After Bill had cleared the ring of Evolution Kane chokeslammed him and left. The match was what you’d imagine, a brawl that went out of the ring and back in at least once. Bill held a few kids then left.

The Cow Palace looked about one fourth full, with about 1,000 people. There were fewer people than the last time Smackdown came with a house show in January. I’m not sure how they’re going to be able to fill it up for the PPV. Even the floor seats weren’t filled up this time.

Overall there were parts of it that I liked, but overall it was bland, meaningless, and repetitive. The unending pattern of tag team, singles, tag team got dull. Although I liked having plenty of Coach, I feel that having his uninterested intros for the wrestlers took away from the matches. Lastly, the lack of an intermission was really felt. It seemed like things kept going and going with no end. The last SD! show here was really better.