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XWrestling Press Release

First off, we’ve experienced a little setback in the re-launch of our website. Due to problems with our server, the website will now be launched on Tuesday December 9th, 2003! We’re set to hit 20,000 hits for the month again for November, a little off the pace with last month, but given the lack of content at right now that is acceptable.

January sees us take our advertising in to full force, with radio and press campaigns running throughout the Yorkshire area, along with several specialised magazines running adverts for our debut show on Saturday April 10th.

Teddy Hart is proving to be the most talked about superstar coming to the UK in April. We’ve had more emails about this guy than anybody else so far – the amount of interest he has created on the Internet in the past several weeks is amazing. I can’t wait for this guy to perform to a UK crowd.

While we’re on the subject of our superstars, we can announce that we’ve brought on board several more superstars who we feel will make ‘Revolution’ a wonderful night of wrestling and entertainment. They are:

AJ Styles: Do I need to tell an internet audience anything about this guy?? AJ is simply one of the best guys in the industry outside of WWE. Enough said! Personally I can’t wait to see AJ in action with X Wrestling. Hopefully we can announce his match very soon, and I’m sure that fans will be talking about this match for months before AND after ‘Revolution’.

Norman Smiley: Ex-WCW Hardcore champion, and a Brit too! Norman was born in Northampton, England – just a short drive from the venue for ‘Revolution’. We’re really pleased that Norman has shown an interest in our Company, and like AJ, are sure he’ll bring the house down come April 10.

Jorge Castano: Some of the negative feedback I’ve received from wrestling fans is our lack of UK talent on the books. Castano is a great young high flyer, and has a great reputation in the UK. Another great addition, and Castano will definitely obtain some new fans come April 10

Madison: Only 24yr old, and has already held several titles around the Indy scene. A native of Canada, Madison has held the NWA Women’s Title amongst others. Combined with Luna Vachon, TNA’s Lollipop, April Hunter and the UK’s very own Poison, the women’s division in X Wrestling is already shaping up to be a good one!

Last week we briefly mentioned tickets for ‘Revolution’. We can reveal today that we are giving 100 people the opportunity to apply for an exclusive VIP Package for ‘Revolution’. This package costs £100 sterling (inclusive of VAT) and will give VIP Ticket Holders the following:

a.. Exclusive ‘Meet and Greet’ session with an X Wrestling superstar on the afternoon of ‘Revolution’. This will be an opportunity to take photos,
ask questions etc, in the comfort of a private function room exclusively for VIP ticket holders.
b.. Ringside ticket. By ringside, we MEAN ringside. VIP Ticket Holders
will be sat right at the front, right at the heart of the action!
c.. Exclusive ‘Revolution’ T-Shirt. We’re printing 100 t-shirts
exclusively for VIP Ticket Holders!
d.. Complimentary programme
e.. Complementary buffet (during afternoon ‘meet and greet’ session)
f.. 10% off DVD or VHS release of ‘Revolution’ in Summer 2004.

This is a great package, and one which we will be advertising to our backers and sponsors shortly after Christmas. We are giving fans on the Internet to get 10% off this amazing package, meaning you get the full VIP treatment for just £90 sterling! This is less than half the price of a similar package offered by WWE when they come to the UK, and this package will definitely NOT be of lower quality. We shall have confirmation of which Superstar will be hosting the afternoon ‘meet and greet’ in the next couple of weeks – you will definitely not be disappointed by him!

Even better – you can reserve your VIP ticket now – and not even pay for it!! To secure your VIP Ticket for X Wrestling Revolution’, simply send an email to including the following:

Your Name

Your Address and Postal Code

Your Home Telephone Number

Your Email Address

We will then contact you in the near future for confirmation of your purchase, and send an invoice in the New Year. You do not have to pay for this VIP hospitality until Friday February 27th, 2004. Once payment is received in February, we shall issue you with your VIP tickets in early March 2004, with a ton of information regarding the event for you also. This is a great package!

That’s all for this week, don’t forget to check out