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UKWA event in association with RBW details

United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance in association with Revolution British Wrestling Date  – Sunday 7th December 2003

Venue – The Sherwood, Birly Moor Road, Sheffield

Doors Open – 6.40pm Show Starts – 7.10pm Tickets – £5.00 per seat (or £15.00 for four) Matches – One Fall Contest

British Mid-Heavyweight Championship – Scott Future (c) vs “Rock ‘n’ Roll Express” Blondie Barratt

The RBW Nottingham Trainer Scott Future will be defending his Mid-Heavyweight Championship for the very first time, against one of the most unarguably tough opponents, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Express” Blondie Barratt.

Future won the Championship from “MTX” Jem Brown back in October at an RBW show in Nottingham, but is yet to defend it due to his involvement in a British Tag Team Championship match at the last show.

Blondie Barratt was also on the same show, going down narrowly to wrestling legend Alan Kilby, in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Barratt is also on the verge of clashing with long term rival Johnny Kidd soon, a match not to miss.

This match is a classic battle of experience. Barratt is a veteran of the wrestling ring, with experience in all areas, where as Future, whilst experienced in his own right, hasn’t been wrestling for the length of time which Blondie Barratt has. Will Future’s desire be enough to defeat the stubborn fighter in Blondie Barratt?

6x5minute Rounds British Middleweight Championship Qualifier – “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite vs Jack Storm

The British Middleweight Champion is soon to be decided, and two qualifying matches are to take place, before the Championship contest itself, due for Saturday 24th January in Enfield, London/Middlesex. The first of those qualifiers is this contest, with Johnny Kidd and “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan set to do battle three weeks later in Nottingham on Saturday 27th December.

“Golden Boy” Cameron Knite’s career has really been improving as of late, with him gaining attention from all sorts of people, including the Total Wrestling magazine, on sale nationwide. In October, Cameron teamed with “Englands No 1” James Mason to defeat the combination of “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter and Keith Myatt. On Saturday 22nd November, Cameron was unfortunately defeated by a cheating “Misfit” Jorge Castano as part of the British Heavyweight Tournament, but has vowed to not give in, and to continue to raise in British wrestling.

His opponent in this contest will be Birmingham’s “Sadistic” Jack Storm. Storm is another of Britain’s bright young prospects, who has sadly decided to dislike the fans, and viciously attack any of his opponents.

In October, Storm very narrowly was defeated by current British Welterweight Champion Spud. However Jack Storm has since been training hard, ready to make his comeback in the British Middleweight Tournament.

Jack Storm quite frankly, could indeed win this tournament. If he does, he will make a very strong champion, who will be very difficult to defeat for any other competitors, but before he gets anywhere near the Championship, he needs to get through “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite, who will definitely not be giving in very easily.

Maximum Falls Match (15 Minutes)       

British Welterweight Championship – Spud (c) vs “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan

In a rematch from an RBW show back in July in Nottingham, reigning British Welterweight Champion Spud will meet the challenger Ross Jordan, in a maximum falls match, where the winner will be the wrestler who scores the most falls over his opponent in the form of a pinfall, submission or countout.

Spud has recently defeated both Jack Hazard and Jack Storm in this sort of contest, and has a clear advantage with experience in this field of wrestling.

For Ross Jordan, this will be the first time he competes in such a match. Jordan recently turned his back on his fans, and appeared alongside former rival Stixx as a tag team to win the British Tag Team Championship. Since the third man policy has came into force, the twosome have took J.C Thunder under their wings, and they also have Kruiz in the background, who we believe will be making a return appearance shortly.

This contest plans to be a very interesting one, as Jordan has the opportunity to bring more gold back to himself and his team, but can Spud overcome Jordan and retain the Championship?

2 out of 3 Falls

British Tag Team Championship – Stixx & J.C Thunder (c) vs Will Assault & “MTX” Jem Brown

Tag team competition has really been warming up as of late, and the reigning Southern three man combination of Stixx, J.C Thunder and “Little Dragon” Ross Jordan seem intent on taking each championship available, with Stixx already advancing in the British Heavyweight tournament, Ross Jordan receiving a British Welterweight Championship shot against Spud on the same show as this contest, and J.C Thunder bound to be a top contender in the Middleweight bracket once the champion is crowned. The Southern alliance of these three wrestlers, along with the soon-to-return Kruiz, are proving to be a very tough team to defeat.

Last month, we saw J.C Thunder and Ross Jordan manage to defeat Will Assault and Scott Future, after Stixx interfered by attacking Assault, leading to their victory. This contest sees the team swap around again, with J.C Thunder teaming this time with Stixx, as Ross Jordan is in British Welterweight Championship action.

Their opponents are Will Assault and “MTX” Jem Brown. Assault was the victim last month of Stixx’s costly interference, and is bound to want to gain revenge against Stixx, as well as his old team mate J.C Thunder, who turned his back on Will Assault, and moved down to London, with bad comments being made ever since against the more northern areas of England. Assault’s new-found attitude is impressing promoters and fans alike, and many feel his wealth of talent and consistent effort will soon be rewarded, and maybe with a British Tag Team Championship. He has chose a more than capable tag team partner as well, the former British Mid-Heavyweight Champion “MTX” Jem Brown.

Brown has had what can only be described as an up-and-down career so far in terms of his results within Revolution British Wrestling, but has proved to develop into a fine professional wrestler, and a wrestler who one day in the future, could be number one.

This contest sees a very interesting scenario develop, as none of the competitors in the contest have ever teamed with each other previously. Team work will be the key, and this will undoubtedly prove to be a great battle. Plus……. BONUS MATCH!!!!

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