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News on latest NWA-UK two day camp


Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of March 2004
The camp will be held at:
The NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling Gym,
East Street Sports Centre,
127 East Street,
.  ME104BL UK 
Facilities will include a wrestling ring, matted area and all the usual facilities offered at our training centre as described in opening page, the course is recognised, insured and approved by the International Budo Federation,
The Head coach for the course will be Andre Baker who is a fully qualified, registered and insured I.B.F coach with many years of varied wrestling and martial arts experience, he is also fully qualified by the N.A.B.B.A as a body building instructor. Andre will be assisted by various experienced and prominent members of the NWA-UK Hammerlock team such as the likes of “Vigilante” Johnny Moss, Jon Ryan and many more all of who will be fully qualified, registered and insured with I.B.F.
During the course we mainly cover Professional wrestling although we can cover various other styles of wrestling and Martial Arts if required, we will as always be on the look out for potential new talent.
We are holding two live events locally during the camp and would like where possible to include trainee’s from the camp on these events.
Further details by e-mail:
or by sending a stamped addresses envelope to our mailing address:
NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling
P.O.Box 282
Kent  TN23 7ZZ
United Kingdom