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Lee Butler at next IWF Event

The IWF is proud to announce that the “MIDDLEMAN” Lee Butler will be appearing at the next IWF show this Saturday 6th December at Kingston Park Rugby Club, Newcastle Upon Tyne!

Lee used to be a fulltime member of the roster when he first started out wrestling under the nickname of TANK and was known for his hard htting style. Now he returns after working for a variety of Promotions and setting up Garage Pro Wrestling and its training school.

He will face the masked “Luchadore of Consett” Hot Ed in what promised to be a big return for Lee.

Accompanying him will be another member of GPW’s roster in the shape of the lovely ROXI who will be taking on PHOENIX and RIO in a three way elimantion match.

Also one of the UK’s most underated wrestlers ASSASSIN has offered an open challenge to any member of the roster to step up and take a shot of reliving him of his Heavyweight title!

The main events features the reformed tag team of CT Renegade and DM Valentine (the artist formerly known as Capt Carnage) taking on tag champs the Avery Brothers in what should be a classic match.

Along with the rest of the IWF roster taking part it should be a great night out!