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A Statement From The FWA

Dear FWA fans,
As some of you may have realised the FWA has been very quiet since British Uprising 2 in October. In wrestling this is often viewed as a bad thing, but in the case of the FWA this is not so.

For the last 18 months the FWA has turned into the most well produced, and media orientated wrestling product in Europe. In those 18 months, our fans have seen a dramatic change in the overall FWA product, and running of the company. This has led us to the point where the FWA has bred the most loyal, dedicated, and well-travelled audience of recent times, within the UK.

Over this period our fans have come from all corners of Britain, across Europe and as far a field as Australia, America, and Japan, to see Frontier Wrestling live. This has led to the FWA gaining an almost cult following, which in turn has helped us capture more wrestling, mainstream publicity for the British scene.

Due to this publicity the eyes of several media companies have fallen upon us, which have led to several new media alliances with the FWA being formed. Due to these new alliances, the FWA management team, along with several other non-wrestling based partners, have decided that the time is now right to take the FWA to the next step.

Since British Uprising 2 the company have had constant meetings to decide our next course of action, the following decision is one that we feel will change the face of the FWA for the better.

As from December 1st the FWA will recess for a period of 8 weeks. This means that the planned Seasons Beatings event, scheduled originally for Dec 21st and the FWA’s return to York Hall on Feb 7th for New Frontiers 2004 will be taken off of the FWA events calendar.

However, New Frontiers will go ahead sometime in February, but from a different location. We, as a company, feel that we cannot promote Bethnal Green correctly for February, if we intend to have a two-month period away from live show promotion. With this in mind we will look towards a smaller London based venue for this event.

The FWA Academy will still remain open, as will its trainee shows. The FWA merchandise company, and will remain functional, as will the ever-popular FWA fan forum.

Now the bad news is out of the way, it is time to explain some of the things FWA management will be focusing on over the next two months, for the good of the company, and its fans.

The increase of dates around the UK on a regular and not just tour basis will begin early next year. Not only returning to areas the FWA have already promoted in, but other new regions as well.

The increased production of the FWA video back catalogue. This will mean not only bringing out such events as New Frontiers 2003, Hotwired 2003 and Crunch 2003, but also much unseen tour footage as well as wrestler profile and interview videos. Plus the move into the FWA DVD market.

Increased production values at future FWA live events, including better use of lighting, pyros, and the big screen.

An increased drive to scout, try-out, and use some of the best new talent in the UK. Working hand in hand with the FWA Academy shows, we are planning to bring in more of the hottest new talent in the UK for observational matches. In order to increase, and shake up the FWA main show roster for 2004.

Increased merchandise range. Over the next few months steps will be taken to ensure that the FWA has the most comprehensive merchandise range of any European wrestling company. This includes new clothing, posters, collectable and the long overdue release of FWA the Music volume 2.

Increased media exposure. The above bullet points are being put into action now, so that the 2004 version of the FWA is the most television ready product in the UK. In many ways we feel we already are, but these guidelines are being set to make us not only ready for forth-coming digital television exposure, but also the very real possibility of terrestrial TV. If the fruits of our labour pay off over this 8 week period, which we believe they will, 2004 will be the biggest year so far for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance.
Before we can make our plans a reality, we must first take a step back from were we stand now, and prepare to begin writing a new chapter in the history of the FWA. To our fans, followers and wrestlers, the last five years have been a blast, we thank you all for your help and support. We feel we have been successful in getting the FWA and British wrestling to a point, were not only it’s product but also its wrestlers have more mainstream and overseas exposure than anytime in the last 10 years.

Our UK talent have gone toe to toe with some of their American counter parts and shown that they are just as good.

Our shows have proved that the UK can have one of the top independent wrestling companies in the world, and TV companies have taken a real interest. So much so that we have come to the point we are at now. The time for just being cult has now passed, and the time for doing what we set out to do is here. That plan was to get British wrestling back onto national television, across the UK and through Europe as a permanent fixture, and not just a passing fad. Never have we as a company been so close to achieving that goal.

The next few months will be the final preparations for the roller coaster year ahead. Your patience will be rewarded.

Thank you for reading,