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Adam Sibley’s UKScene column on Wrestling 101 reaches it’s 100th edition this week. I sat down with Mr Sibley and asked him everything, for example what he has for breakfast, what’s his favourite colour…no I didn’t go that far but I did ask some questions and he answered them, and that’s what you call an interview. Here goes…

Adam Sibley’s UKScene column on Wrestling 101 reaches it’s 100th edition this week. I sat down with Mr Sibley and asked him everything, for example what he has for breakfast, what’s his favourite colour…no I didn’t go that far but I did ask some questions and he answered them, and that’s what you call an interview. Here goes…

Pabster : So Adam, let’s start off looking back over the 100 columns, what do you think of how it’s all turned out into the success it’s been?

Adam : Well I think personally that like everything it has taken time. I remember being a UK fan before writing the column and I would go through sites and updates would be so infrequent and thats why I think it has been so popular is because it has been so consistent.

Pabster : Yeah, I remember browsing around the UKFF one day and a young Adam Sibley throwing his name into the hat of being the head of the UKScene at TWO, from a thread started by Kam. Do you know by any chance if any wrestlers read the column and what they think of it?

Adam : I have made a lot of good contacts through the column just out of the blue wrestlers have been contacting me which is one of the biggest perks, Baxter Burridge, Carl Mizzery, Alex Shane, Dino Scarlo and Scott Future are just some of the guys I can think of off the top of my head who have had good things to say about my columns they are all too kind and I am in total awe of them and was star struck when they contacted me as these are the people I support and follow.

Pabster : Yeah, it must be very pleasing and also is it true Baxter Burridge will be debuting at W101 with a brand spanking new column?

Adam : Yep you have the exclusive scoop an agreement has been finalised between myself and Baxter and he will hopefully be starting doing his insider’s column in the upcoming weeks on the site. This will be one of many new additions to the UK Scene coverage on this site. All I will say is keep on checking back for more news. Personally I can’t wait from a fans perspective to hear what he has to say.

Pabster : What has been your favourite piece at TWO/W101?

Adam : Probably the columns around the time that Revival was happening as all the UK fans were really buzzing about it and that made it so easy to write the columns and I think in my humble opinion they were some of my best columns.

Pabster : What about your favourite exclusive?

Adam : My favourite exclusives would have to be the time that in conjunction with TWO promoted a show on the FWA Breakout Tour as for once I was in control of the breaking news so I could release news when I wanted to and I knew it was all true. I also have fond memories of the UK chats we did which were well supported the first one was that popular it almost caused the chat client to meltdown in the first UK chat we got FWA and NWA:UK wrestlers talking to each other and supporting each other which I think was a great achievement considering the history and the divide there seems to be between the factions which shows you just how powerful the coverage has been here at TWO/101.

Pabster : The thing I have noticed and other people have mentioned to me is that your column appeals to everyone, the long standing UKScene fans and the newcomers. The way you write the column means that any average Joe Bloggs reading it will actually understand it.

Adam : I Just try and put something for everybody in to it and at the same time make it as simple for others to understand as possible. Ok I may not win wrestling journalist of the year award but I just think wrestling columns these days are getting too in depth and to opinionated when I think wrestling is there to be enjoyed and I think with the rise of the Internet this has been forgotten at times. My main aim through the column is just to keep people informed and do it in as neutral way as possible which I hope it comes across as.

Pabster : Yeah, isn’t your column the longest and most frequently updated in the UK Wrestling “net scene”?

Adam : To my knowledge it is. I know a lot of columns that have been around longer than mine but have taken big breaks and have not been done on a consistent basis. I am just glad I have got such a big and good stage to do it on thanks to Kam. As I know most of the sites hits are probably geared towards the US market but Kam has given me quite a free reign to put up as much UK Scene content as I see fit which is a big show of faith and I hope in some way I have repaid that and that the column has been a reason for people to come to the site. I am happy as long as it keep drawing new fans to the site and keeps our regular viewers happy.

Pabster : Got any words for Goldy who filled in for you for a few weeks early on in the year?

Adam : She has been an absolute angel and a very unsung hero for the site. Whenever I have had problems of which I have had a lot this year at a drop of hat she has filled in for me no questions asked. I couldn’t ask for a better person to do the column in my place. I hope she will become part of the regular site staff for the UK Scene at some point but until I persuade her you can catch up with her weekly updates through the Newsletter and whilst I am at it when are you going to pick up then pen again Pab hint hint.

Pabster : It maybe pretty soon, depends on the hourly rates Kam dishes out, seems like you are letting the pennies roll in big time

Adam : Only the best for the UK Scene team no expenses spared

Pabster : As you mentioned earlier, the column increased your love for the UKScene and you promoted a FWA 2 show earlier this year. What did you think of it and the promoting side of things?

Adam : I have been working with and friends with promoters for some time so I knew what I was letting myself in for. It was a very enjoyable time in the run up to the show ok maybe not financially rewarding but I never expected it to be. I just enjoyed being in touch and working alongside so many great guys in the FWA. It is interesting you bring promoting up as I am looking in to doing some more in 2004 a little closer to home this time but still early doors so I don’t want to say much at the moment but if all goes well I am really looking forward to doing it all again

Pabster : Well make sure you keep us TWO/W101 folk updated before anyone else…as usual! Got any other scoops up your sleeve while you’re here Adam?

Adam : Well you just never know with me I talk to a lot of people involved in the UK Scene on the phone and through email every day and get told so much news I would love to tell everyone but I will not repeat anything someone has told me in confidence. Nothing much has shocked me recently as I have known about it before hand but I am not prepared to ruin friendships and trust for a few extra hits. Some websites are prepared to tarnish the UK Scene for no other reason than to get viewers to the site and I am not prepared to do that. I want viewers because they enjoy reading the column. I want to promote the UK Scene not bring it down.

Pabster : Have you got any bizarre or funny stories on when you have been typing the column out? Early Saturday morning hangover?

Adam : The funniest had to be when my computer was broke I had to trail round all my friends houses to find a computer to do the column on and everyone was either out or didn’t have a computer or at least one that worked. So down on my luck I went to get myself some lunch in town then there was a sign outside the local library saying free internet use so with that I nipped in and did one of the best columns I have ever done when I thought I would never get it done that day

Pabster : Haha classic, so are you looking ahead to column 200 and a great 2004?

Adam : Well I have already been chatting with Kam over the last few weeks and I have said I plan to be here when I am old and grey so I can be a bitter old man and despise all the new up and coming columnists no hang about that is how the UK wrestling scene use to work.

Pabster : Have you got any final comments to make to the TWO/W101 visitors?

Adam : Thanks very much for your kindness, support and most importantly friendship. I have met so many good people through the site which makes it all worth while and is the biggest perk of the job. I hope you are enjoying the coverage we provide and if not my email inbox is always free so be sure to email me ( I would love to hear from all of you.

Would just like to say a big thanks to you Pab again for your hard work behind the scenes in the forums & chat and for doing the interview, its turning in to a yearly tradition, same time next year bud?

Pabster : Yeah Adam, I’ll see you again for the 150th, that ok?

Adam : Perfect, cheers again Pab.

Pabster : Thank for your time Adam, you’re a TWO/W101 legend and enjoy your anniversary!

Adam : Will do everyone welcome to the celebrations in the forums and chatrooms just remember to bring cake or I will get Kam to bar you. lol only kidding!

Until next time,

Adam Sibley

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