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The Blue Meanie Interview

The Blue Meanie is a former WWF and ECW superstar, and now runs his own promotion alongside Jasmin St Claire and Tod Gordon. I was privilidged enough to be able to interview The Meanie and find out about the WWF, ECW, 3PW, and.. farting?

The Blue Meanie is a former WWF and ECW superstar, and now runs his own promotion alongside Jasmin St Claire and Tod Gordon. I was privilidged enough to be able to interview The Meanie and find out about the WWF, ECW, 3PW, and.. farting?

First of all, thank you for agreeing to do this interview for us. How’s life treating you these days?

No problem at all. Been busy as all hell with 3PW (Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling). This is where all my time an energy is for now.

For those who may have forgotten who you are or have never come across you before, tell us a bit about yourself.

I started off in wrestling being trained by the WWE’s Al Snow. Did various indies until finding a spot in ECW thanks to Raven. Spent 4 years with ECW till I got a call from the WWE and spent 2 years there and then returned to ECW. ECW unfortunately shut down. I bounced on the indies with my girlfriend Jasmin St. Claire. Jasmin and I started up 3PW out of Philly and now with Tod Gordon (ECW creator) we run shows monthly out of the old ECW arena in South Philly.

Now since ECW closed shop, you’ve been a very busy man, wrestling on the independant circuit and even starting 3PW as you’ve mentioned. But do you still miss those days in ECW, both in the “bWo” era and also the “Blue Boy” era?

I totally miss the ECW’s days. After I left the WWE I had a chance to go to WCW but I felt I belonged in ECW. Both WCW and ECW were in bad shape at the time. It was like picking a ticket to either ride on the Hindenberg or the Titanic. Both were going down but I figured if I was going down with one company I’d rather be with friends.

Do you still keep in touch with Raven, Stevie Richards or Nova?

I haven’t talked to either in well over a year.

As you mentioned earlier, you started up your own company in 3PW. Tell us a bit about that?

3PW was born out of the idea to see what running a show would be like. I had been in the business for 8 years and started to think of what to do for my post in ring career. Truthfully my body won’t hold up to the punishment much longer so I figured I’d give promotion a try. Our first show was the blotter test to see if we wanted to go on. Things went smooth and we decided to go forward. So we enlisted the help of a good friend in Tod Gordon. Tod is very intelligent in the worl of business and wrestling. So who better to come up with idea, Tod, Jasmin and I think of ideas for the shows. So far so good. Our 2nd year anniversary show is coming up on February 21st at the ECW arena in south Philly. To see past show info go to

I bet it’s hard work running a company as well as wrestling for it?

Most definitely. Especially when you’re doing a million things the day of a show plus having to get in the right mind set to wrestle. If my hair weren’t blue it would be grey lol.

Do you still take bookings elsewhere?

No. Not looking to for now. I have to do all I can to make 3PW better and grow. So for the most part 3PW is all I do.

Let’s go back slightly to the WWF. It’s well documented that you were a member of the JOB Squad with Al Snow, Scorpio, Bob Holly and Duane ‘Gillberg’ Gill, before evolving into Bluedust, alongside Dustin ‘Goldust’ Runnels. You were then asked to lose weight, and were released soon after. Am I right in presuming that you weren’t expecting that kind of future when you signed on the dotted line?

Nope. They knew what I looked like when they signed me and new what they were getting. How could they not. The bWo had been on RAW and I even met Vince that night. So for them to say lose weight or be fired was senseless in a way.

Do you still follow the WWE product these days?

Nah lol I’m more interested in their video games than the actual product.

Many argue that WCW and ECW’s closures spelled disaster for the wrestling industry, but others indicate that the independent scene is now booming because of it. What’s your opinion on the matter?

The Indies are doing ok. It kind of made it hard to get booked with all the talent flooding the scene. But on the promotional side it’s ok since it gives us more people to choose from.

Have you managed to catch hold of any NWA:TNA pay-per-views? What’s your opinion of NWA:TNA as a whole?

I see them here and there when I can. Remind me too much of WCW in the last days.

Considering your girlfriend Jasmin St Claire had a brief stint with the company, have you ever been approached by them to do some work for the company?

No. Things are tight money wise with them and for the most part they aren’t flying a lot of people in. I’m neither here or there in working for them.

With 3PW up and running, would you ever consider closing shop to return to the WWE or would you have to say no?

Not really. I hear everyone is miserable there and actually LOSING money working there. The houses are down and with expenses it’s draining the wrestlers bank accounts. I’m much happier in 3PW.

Who was the better boss in your opinion – Paul Heyman or Vince McMahon?

Both were great but I’d have to go with Paul. Working for him had less paranoia to deal with and he was a better motivator.

Now it’s time for Word Association…


ECW: Severely missed

3PW: Our baby

Stevie Richards: we had great chemistry

The bWo: surprised at how long it ran

Mick Foley: great guy. Still bitter over the Britany Spears rib though lol

Goldust: tourettes

Jasmin St Claire: My baby and best friend

The Blue Meanie: who?

The Blue Boy: what? lol

Of all the angles you’ve been part of and the characters you’ve played, which would you consider to be your favourites?

The night Foley left ECW and he brought me and Stevie out. That was awesome and I was totally flattered that it was Mick’s idea to bring us out. The bWo was supposed to be a one night angle that ran for 9 months. I think ECW saw the dollar signs with the t-shirts when they heard the crowd reaction lol. I think bWo t shirt money bought them their new ring. The merchandise girl told use they were selling over 100 shirts a night.

Being on the road a lot over the years, I’m sure you have a million funny stories under your hat. Care to share at least one that comes to mind?

There are plenty that come to mind. One that is legendary with me and Al Snow goes back to 1995 when we drove to NJ from Ohio so Al could wrestle in the NWA tournament. Al did the show and it was me, Al, our friend Jason and Phyllis Lee. Phyllis is the one who hooked me up with Al and she like going on the road with us. Cherry Hill, NJ to Lima, Ohio is an easy 13 hours. So we began the trek back to Ohio and god help us all. Because for the next 13 hours, for whatever reason I could not stop farting. I don’t mean a fart here and there. I mean consistent barrage of farts that hit about once every 10 minutes for the majority of the 13 hours. It was brutal! I don’t know what caused it but I hope I never do it again. Around hour #9 of Fartappalooza Al started get a little temperamental. Temperamental to the point of threatening to light me on fire if I farted once more. He had picked up a set of matches along once of the stops and he was seriously come close to engulfing me in flames. It got SO BAD that at one time all I had to do was shift in my seat and clouds of left overs would seep out. The one bitch of it all was that it was in the middle of winter and rolling down the window wasn’t an option. It was like a blizzard outside and a tornado on the inside. So we get back to Lima, Ohio in once piece and stank to high heaven. It was our friend Jason’s car and was none too happy about me burying ass in his seat. So a good couple days go by and Jason comes back to Al’s gym. He tells me that he had to leave a bowl of vinegar in the car to kill the smell but even the vinegar didn’t help. Eventually it subsided but Jason swears that if the sun hit the seat just right it would bring back ghosts of Meanie’s farts past.

Well thank you for answering these questions. It’s been very much appreciated. Any last words?

Thanks to the fans for the years of support and hope to see you all more down the line. Check out 3PW at and you can see out videos at Hopefully the shows entertain you and maybe this crazy thing can grow. All my best!! Meanie.