Eddie Murdoch

10 Easy Steps to Turn the WWE Around

Ratings are down, morale is down and the business as a whole is down. These are my views on how World Wrestling Entertainment could reverse its fortunes and turn its business around in 10 easy steps.

I know that people constantly say that you can’t criticise the business unless you’ve been involved in it. But surely, the WWE have to take note of what their fans want to see. So I’ve compiled my thoughts on how the WWE would be able to reverse it’s fortunes and turn its business around.

1. No more stupid storylines!

I know the WWE writers are under a lot of pressure and have to write storylines for 52 weeks of a year but surely they know that the fans wouldn’t care less for some of the storylines that have been aired on WWE TV in the last few months and years. While yes, some of the storylines they’ve come out with have been intriguing (I personally liked the Kane monster angle), but surely they would know that no one would care less about the necrophilia one. Some of the storylines that you’re likely to remember are the ones involving DX in their heyday. The thing about them was that they were actually must-see TV. There were points that you couldn’t wait to see what was happening next. I know its not possible to be coming up with these sorts of angles all the time but you would expect that at least a few would be happening a year. Right now, they’re not.

2. Less talk, more wrestling!

It seems that WWE’s TV ratings are at the lowest they have been at for years and its probably no coincidence that at the same time there’s more vignettes and pointless angles as opposed to actual wrestling. I’m not saying that there should be no vignettes or interviews to build up the matches but they should be kept to a minimum and feature wrestlers ahead of owners/personalities etc.

3.Push the Cruiserweights!

When Rey Mysterio first signed with the WWE, I feared for him. No one of Rey’s size had ever been taken seriously under Vince McMahon and I hoped that he wouldn’t become just another Mexican wrestler who would do highflying spots to little or no reaction. At first, Rey was given a decent push and even main evented in a match involving Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. He was even given a chance to feud with Angle and he replied with a cracking match at the Summerslam PPV. A few months later, where is he now? His push is over and he’s back working with the Cruiserweights and struggling to get on TV. While the lucha libre style of wrestling has never been flavour of the month with the WWE, its fans have been known to enjoy watching these styles of matches.

4. Stop Pushing No-Hopers!

The Big Show, Nathan Jones, and Albert…the list goes on and on. These are people who the WWE seems to think are due a main event spot for one reason only: they’re big. Despite having virtually no in-ring talent and having no charisma at all, the WWE decision makers seem to think that they are due a place at the top. Sadly though, no one else does. So please, WWE, stop wasting your time on no-hopers and give these spots to people who deserve them.

5. Do something with the Brand Split!

The Brand split has been with us for a while now and seems to have done nothing at all. So, why not have a feud between the two sides that would culminate at a big show (possibly Wrestlemania XX)? There are several major matches that could take place because of this (Brock v Goldberg being one) and it would likely increase ratings. I don’t see how the Brand Split can be a good idea. It just seems to me that the shows are only half as good.

6. Cut down on the Gimmick Matches!

In a desperate booking mode, the WWE seems to have gone ahead with using speciality matches such as Cage Matches, Elimination Chambers etc. excessively in the hope that more fans will tune in. It won’t work like that though. For a match to mean something in the WWE, it has to be built up in the right way. In my opinion, the WWE should not use many of the gimmick matches on Raw and Smackdown so often and save the big gimmick matches for bigger shows where they would actually mean something.

7.Build the promotion around younger, more exciting wrestlers!

Just take the Smackdown show for example: the most featured wrestlers on that show are The Undertaker and Vince McMahon. Just how exactly can Vince build part of the promotion around himself? The answer to that’s beyond me. With several talented and extremely over stars on that side of the Brand such as Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Eddie Guerrero, it doesn’t make any sense that the Undertaker an co. are pushed as the real stars of the show.

8. Make the PPV’s mean something!

While as much as I don’t like the brand split, they might as well each specific brand’s PPV’s mean something. Just now, watching a Raw or Smackdown PPV is just like an extended episode of their TV show. Vignettes should be kept to a minimum and the actual matches should be pushed as the focus of the show, not the backstage shenanigans.
Why would anyone want to buy the PPV when they could watch similar activities for free when their TV show airs?

9. Less of the McMahons!

No one doubts that Vince McMahon has had some really good heated matches and that Shane has had some marvellous bumpfests, but please do we have to hear Stephanie’s screeching voice almost all year round. And the same goes for Vince’s ‘sugar daddy’ routine. Please, if you’re going to be appearing on TV, keep it to a minimum at least.

10. Don’t go back to the veterans!

Ok, no one is denying that a return of older wrestler’s isn’t making good TV. The returns of several wrestlers, specifically Mick Foley, Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan have all been interesting. But if the rumours are true that several veterans are to return at Wrestlemania XX, it would be a step in the wrong direction. Just take Ric Flair for example. In his prime, he was one top-notch wrestler. His return to the WWE went well, but he has stuck around for far too long. It’s painful watching most of his matches nowadays. While bringing the veterans back, may result in a few big money matches, what happens when they stick around after that? Look at Ric Flair and you’ll see.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Feedback would be appreciated.

Eddie M