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TNA: From The Inside (12/12)

Greetings and happy holidays again.  Your weekly intellectual car crash has returned with some insight into the goings on from the inside.  There is a lot going on… so let’s get to it.

The big announcement Jeff Jarrett keeps referring to should not be taken lightly by anyone. If it is big enough to divide a locker room, I would guess this will have some huge implications.

Prime Time Elix Skipper signed a two-year deal with TNA this week.  Elix is one of the most athletically gifted performers in professional wrestling today.  Look for some big things out of Prime Time in 2004

Bob Ryder revealed a side we’ve never seen before Wednesday night.  A very large unruly fan got a little out of control and had to be removed from the building Wednesday night.  He was able to fight off several people, until Bob “Shoot Fighter” Ryder stepped in an immediately took the very large individual down with one swoop.  While Bob is one of the nicest guys in the wrestling business, he showed that he can beat some ass if he has to.   

The response to TNA On-Demand has been incredible.  Fans all over the world are now able to see our show via high-speed internet on  Our stats show that we are getting alot of repeat customers, which is a good thing.

The brand new 2004 TNA Girl Calendar features a hot photo of Trinity and Goldylocks in thongs on the beach in California.  Get this calendar and it could be the best year of your life.  You can order the calendar for 12.95, or for just 20 bucks you can order the calendar autographed by all of the girls.

It is time for part one of my annual year end awards…. these awards are randomly thrown out there and are just one ruggedly handsome man’s opinions. 

Favorite Match:  Raven vs. Jarrett takes the cake this year.  Although Ultimate X and the AMW v XXX Cage Match are tied for a close second.  More people were turned away from the asylum than were let in to witness this match live.  It was a magical night, and one we could see repeated if Raven and the gathering are to win the 6-man Cage Match this Wednesday night, as Raven gets a shot at Jarrett if his team wins.

Hottest TNA female:  I’ve never revealed this in print before… but for years, my dream woman is has been an athletically gifted adrenaline junky who doesn’t mind setting herself on fire and races jet skis.  Luckily, she has arrived in TNA.  What a year it has been for Trinity, and what a year 2004 is going to be.  

Best Tattoo: CM Punk’s Pepsi logo and Chris Daniels’  tattoos stand out.  The crowd often chants Pepsi when Punk walks out, which is odd unto itself.

Best Entrance:  AJ Styles gets my vote here.  I love his video wall and the crowd response he gets when he enters the asylum.

Best at letting you know his IQ:
  Congratulations are in order to Raven, who couldn’t advertise his impressive knowledge quotient more if he had it tattooed on his forehead.  Second place goes to Sandman, who coincidentally has thrown out his number on occasion as well.  While I have yet to take this test, my G.E.D. certificate and Sally Struther’s VCR repair home correspondence degree speak for themselves.

Strangest Hotel Room behavior:  Konnan takes the award this year for his insistence on taking the lamp shades off every lamp in his hotel room.  Strangely enough, Konnan’s good friend Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio can only sleep in a hotel room when the mirrors are turned around and there is a slight drip in his bathroom sink.  While I would call it more germ and who knows what other bodily fluid phobia than strange, Jeff Jarrett will immediately tear off any hotel room comforter that is made on his bed.  I actually have to side with the champ on this one.  Take a black light to any hotel room comforter and you very well could end up hurling on your in-room coffee maker. 

Most disturbing post show incident by a wrestler:  In a truly shocking display, three weeks ago CM Punk and Christopher Daniels entered some boxer shorts hot tub contest at Hurricane’s in Nashville.  Daniel’s won cash with his first place finish, and Punk decisively taking second place in a field of ten.  It was nothing short of pure shenanigans. 

Most disturbing post show incident by a non-wrestler:  In one of the most shocking things I have ever been witness to,  A very disturbed 40-something year old guy was flashing several of the TNA gang in the club after the show Wednesday night, revealing that he was wearing a woman’s G-string and got off on people seeing it.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he would give himself wedgies with nothing but a fist full of underwear and a smile on his face. It may have perhaps the most unusual thing I have ever witnessed since Teddy Hart.  Upon seeing this spectacle, the young and impressionable Chris Sabin has been advised to seek counselling for witnessing such an event.

We’ll have part two of the year-end awards next week.

Last night’s benefit for Rick Santel at the TNA Asylum was a real success.  TNA stars Jeff Jarrett, AMW, Gilbertti & Young, Don Harris, and several others were on hand to help raise money to cover his medical bills. 

Look for a new TNA PPV open and theme to kick off 2004 for TNA.

Lots of big matches for this Wednesday night.  It will be the big night for Erick Watts, as the Director of Authority has signed several big matchups…

Chris Sabin vs. Christopher Daniels

Raven and the Gathering vs. The Redshirts and Abyss (Steel Cage)

Low Ki vs. Micheal Shane (X-Division Title)

AJ Styles & D-Lo Brown vs. Simon & Swinger (Dream match – whoever gets the pinfall gets their pick of any championship match of their choice)

AMW vs Gilbertti & David Young (Street Fight)

Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting (Will the NWA World Title be on the line?) 

This will be a huge show, as we end 2004. 

That is all for this week!  See you next time From the Inside!

Jeremy Borash