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WWE: "Original" new CD out 12/1/04

It’s been reported around the internet that WWE is releasing a new CD called “WWE Originals”, where several superstars will be singing songs themselves. There is no release date given for the US, but UK fans will get to experience the CD on January 12th. A DVD is also planned for the CD. has posted the following as being the official tracklist:

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Where’s The Beer?
2 Dudley Boys – We’ve Had Enough
3 Trish Stratus – I Just Want You
4 Rey Mysterio – Crossing Borders
5 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Did You Feel It?
6 Booker T – Can You Dig It?
7 Kurt Angle – I Don’t Suck
8 Lita – When I Get You Alone
9 Stone Cold Steve Austin – You Changed The Lyrics
10 Lillian Garcia – You Just Don’t Know Me At All
11 Eddie & Chavo Guerrero – We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal
12 Chris Jericho – Don’t You Wish You Were Me?
13 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Drink Your Beer
14 Rikishi – Put A Little Ass On It
15 Stacy Keibler – Why Can’t We Just Dance?
16 John Cena – Basic Thugonomics
17 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Don’t That Taste Good?