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New promotion NCW’s first press release

Today marks the launch of a new brand of professional wrestling company in the United Kingdom.
National Championship Wrestling (nCw) aims to offer the fans in the UK a new concept in live professional wrestling.

Innovating and building upon the rules and standards you would find in the UK’s current pro wrestling scene, nCw are aiming to bring you a show that would put the UK wrestling industry back in line with our US counterparts.

President of nCw Peter Virgo says : ” We are aiming to create and establish a product the likes of which you have never seen in the UK before. Over the past several years a number of independent companies have attempted, with varying degrees of success to establish a viable and lasting wrestling promotion in the UK with only 1 or maybe 2 companies making any prominent and positive headway. Our aim is, in time to be nothing less than the number 1 company not only in the UK but in all of Europe as well . We are currently planning to run shows throughout the South East of England every month which on most occasions will boast not only major names from the UK but from the US as well and by the end of 2005 we hope to have a viable strength in Europe “.

“This is a new and fresh concept that we are aiming to undertake with marketing, TV and radio all being involved in the early stages of our promotion. There has been a huge craving amongst British wrestling fans for a regular home grown product that they can buying into and connect with and all that has been lacking until now have been the people with the know how and the elbow grease to give the wrestling public what they want. I firmly believe that the quintessential difference between nCw and other British wrestling promotions is that we are not trying to spoon feed the audience an out of date antiquated wrestling product that is no longer relevant to the wrestling fans of today, wrestling has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 20 years and we will never insult our fans by giving them anything less than the absolute best we can provide. We have a fine team already established behind the scenes with names being added to strength our presence daily. It is my hope and goal that the people who come to our shows will leave feeling not only that they have seen a great professional wrestling show, but that they have seen one of the best live shows in the country period.

nCw are also going to film their initial shows for a TV pilot and a weekly show hopefully to be screened on terrestrial television within the next year.

All matches will be scheduled for 1 fall to a finish unless otherwise stated, a win can occur by pin fall or submission. Wrestlers can lose by disqualification or by failing to return to the ring after the opening bell before the 10 count, however the implementation of these rules will be left to the discretion of our referees. There will be a standard 30 min time limit on non championship matches and a hour time limit on all championship matches .