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RBW Show Report – Saturday 27th December 2003

From RBW:

Saturday 27th December 2003 saw the last Revolution British Wrestling show of the year, and ironically the first ever show at the Vale Social Club in Colwick, Nottingham which was packed full of fans eager to see some top wrestling action.

On the show we saw two Championship qualifying matches for both the British Heavyweight and British Middleweight Championships with Alan Kilby and Johnny Kidd advancing respectively.

As well as that, we saw the debuts of two very good wrestlers in the form of Sammy Ray and Anton Green, who both impressed promoters and fans alike with some great wrestling ability. Also, the first batch of Nottingham trainees made their debut in the Battle Royal that evening.

Master of Ceremonies – Ron Demby

Referee – Tony Barrett

Match 1 – Keith Myatt (Stoke-on-Trent) vs Anton Green (Hackney, London)

30 minute time limit, one fall to a finish.

The opening bout of the evening saw the twenty year self-proclaimed “mat veteran” Keith Myatt in action against a rising star from the London region, Anton Green. Myatt was quick to make his feelings about Nottingham clear once again, and stressed his love of everything from Stoke-on-Trent. Green, proving far popular with the capacity crowd, was eager to impress on his RBW debut and put all his effort into the contest, despite Myatt mocking his youthful looks, and the crowd mocking Myatt in return asking if he was jealous of Anton’s hair.

Keith Myatt dominated the majority of the contest, bending the rules to his advantage in a way that he typically does, restricting Anton Green’s movement around the ring by using various ground-based moves and holds. His tactics didn’t fully work, as he was given two public warnings by the referee, with any more leading to an automatic disqualification.

Anton made several brave comebacks, taking Myatt off-guard, however it was Myatt who defeated Anton with a reverse neckbreaker and a pinfall, leading to the only fall required to win the bout.

After the bout Myatt further attacked Anton Green, throwing him out of the ring, before leaving the ringside area.

Winner – Keith Myatt, one fall to nil.

Match 2 – “Misfit” Jorge Castano (Colombia) & Sammy Ray (Currently Blackpool, formerly Cuba) vs “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite (Wolverhampton) & Will Assault (Sheffield)

30 minute time limit, two falls to a finish.

Next up on this event was tag team action, which saw “Misfit” Jorge Castano and Sammy Ray re-form their tag team combination seen before elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Castano requested this days before the show, after he was announced to team with Keith Myatt, with Sammy Ray to wrestle Anton Green on the basis that he wanted to team with someone originating from the same part of the world. The RBW promoters agreed, and let Castano receive his wish.

Their opponents were the duo of “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite, who is set to collide with Johnny Kidd on Saturday 24th January in Enfield, London for the British Middleweight Championship, and Will Assault, one of the most exciting prospects in British wrestling, and someone who is likely to be a top contender for the British Heavyweight Championship when it’s decided, as well as the British Tag Team Championships. Assault’s recent tag team battles have seen him on the loosing side twice, when he and his tag partners (Scott Future and “MTX” Jem Brown respectively) have been cheated out of victory at the hands of a Southern Alliance combination. This tag team contest would decide who would be in line to receive a shot at the British Tag Team Championships soon.

Cameron Knite also had a big score to settle, after he was defeated in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament back in November at the hands of Jorge Castano.

The tag team match saw Castano and Ray work very well together, not forgetting their previous teamwork in recent years. For the majority of the contest they restricted Knite and Assault from tagging each other, and wearing both wrestlers out.

Unfortunately for them, it was Will Assault who managed to pin Sammy Ray’s shoulders down for three for the first fall of the contest. Shortly after roles were reversed, when Sammy Ray managed to pin Will Assault following a DDT onto the mat.

With one fall left to decide the contest, all four wrestlers stepped up their wrestling and put on an even more valiant battle. Action spilled to the outside between Will Assault and Jorge Castano, whilst in-ring, Cameron Knite managed to gain the winning fall over Sammy Ray making it two falls to one.

Following the result, an outraged Jorge Castano blamed Sammy Ray for their loss, and then attacked him, leaving him in the ring as he stormed out. Sammy later told fans that he was not into cheating like Jorge Castano, and vowed revenge on him.

Winners – “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite & Will Assault, two falls to one.

Match 3 – Stixx (London) vs Alan Kilby (Sheffield) (British Commonwealth Champion, not on the line) – British Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final

30 minute time limit. One fall to a finish.

The third bout of the evening had the Southern Alliance combination of Stixx, along with “The Gift” Ross Jordan and J.C Thunder accompany him to the ring. Referee Tony Barrett sent a reluctant Jordan back, as J.C was the only person permitted to remain at ringside through the contest.

Stixx had possibly the most challenging and toughest opponent he had ever wrestled, with 40 year veteran, the deaf star, and undefeated British Commonwealth Champion, Alan Kilby meeting him in this contest, with the prize being a place in the Final of the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Unsurprisingly it was Alan Kilby who dominated most of the contest, with Stixx unusually unable to use his power to aid him, as he does in most matches. Alan Kilby, despite his age, is still in great physical shape, and wasn’t to be beaten out-powered by the London powerhouse.

Stixx made several very creditable comebacks against the more experienced Kilby, but in the end it was Alan Kilby who pinned Stixx out of nowhere, for the only fall required, which puts the still undefeated Alan Kilby against either James Mason or Jorge Castano in the finals due for 2004.

Winners – Alan Kilby, one fall to nil.

Match 4 – “The Gift” Ross Jordan (Hertfordshire) (British Welterweight Champion & British Tag Team Champion, not on the line) vs Johnny Kidd (Luton) – British Middleweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final

12×3 minute rounds. Two falls, two submissions or one knockout or disqualification to decide the winner.

For many, the fourth match of the card was the most anticipated, with a contest which promised to be a great wrestling match.

“The Gift” Ross Jordan, renamed from his “Little Dragon” name, came to the ring with J.C Thunder and Stixx, persistently trying to get the referee to allow Stixx to remain at ringside, but the referee sent Stixx back, leaving J.C Thunder as the only wrestler allowed to remain at ringside during the contest. Ross Jordan spoke to the Nottingham audience about how he was the first ever simultaneous British Champion, with him being the British Welterweight Champion and holding a share in the British Tag Team Championship. He then said he’d go through this tournament and be the first ever triple Champion.

Johnny Kidd had other words, and looked very determined the moment he arrived at ringside. Before the bout, the British national anthem was played whilst Ross Jordan and J.C Thunder saluted in the ring, with Johnny Kidd watching on with a serious expression on his face. Kidd hasn’t been seen in RBW since August, where he and tag partner “MTX” Jem Brown were on the loosing end of an unfair victory on the part of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Express” Blondie Barratt and “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter.

The match began and through the entire contest, anyone can see why both wrestlers are undoubtedly two of the top technical wrestlers active in Great Britain. Both wrestlers put on a contest of wrestling excellence, and despite Jordan’s arrogance, even the fans appreciated his in-ring work.

The first fall came with an incredible pinning combination by Johnny Kidd leaving Ross Jordan unable to move his shoulders. It wasn’t long before Jordan equalised by pinning Kidd whilst his feet were on the ropes.

Following this, Jordan even offered a handshake to Johnny Kidd, whilst Kidd smartly refused, instead putting Jordan’s hand on the mat and then stamping on it. Johnny Kidd then looked to be in control with a great offence on Ross Jordan.

Moments later Stixx returned to ringside jumping onto the ring and argued with the referee. Meanwhile, J.C Thunder rolled into the ring and held onto Johnny Kidd whilst Ross Jordan prepared for a superkick, which he attempted, yet Johnny Kidd moved out the way, causing J.C Thunder to take the full force of the kick. Kidd then rolled up Jordan for the final pinfall required, meaning that he was the winner and would meet “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite in January at the RBW London show.

However the action didn’t end here. Moments after the contest, Johnny Kidd’s lifetime rival “Rock ‘n’ Roll Express” Blondie Barratt made an unscheduled appearance to the shock of Kidd, attacking him with the ring bell, as well as attacking the referee also. Then to an even greater surprise, “Misfit” Jorge Castano ran into the ring to join in on the attack with Stixx, Ross Jordan and J.C Thunder. Blondie Barratt then shouted abuse at Johnny Kidd as he lay prone in the ring.

Help arrived soon after as Alan Kilby, Will Assault and “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite rushed to ringside to chase off Kidd’s attackers. Will Assault then challenged all of them to a huge tag team battle in April, when the return show will be hosted by this venue. The three wrestlers helped up Johnny Kidd, who despite the vicious attack, still won the contest and caused the Southern Alliance to loose two consecutive matches.

Winner – Johnny Kidd, two falls to one.

Match 5 – Battle Royal

To round off the evening a Battle Royal event was held, with all the wrestlers from earlier on the show returning to the ring for an over-the-top rope elimination match. Added to the show line-up was J.C Thunder, Jack Hazard, Corey Davis and Rainz, as well as seven of the first graduate Nottingham trainees making their professional debuts.

The bout saw the wrestlers eliminated one by one, with the trainees making a very good showing, leaving it eventually down to Anton Green, Rainz and Keith Myatt. Anton Green was eliminated first by Keith Myatt, leaving it Keith Myatt against Rainz one on one.

The rookie monster Rainz managed to eliminate the veteran Myatt to the surprise of most, and consequently winning the Battle Royal.

Following the contest, Rainz posted with a young fan in the ring, a star for the future perhaps?

Winner – Rainz