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New Years eve MMA wars results

Thanks to Dave Meltzer for the following results…


This show is starting in just a few minutes.
Rene Rooze b Tadao Yasuda :52 ref stop from punches from the mount
Lyoto b Rich Franklin 1:03 of second round via knockout
Aleksander Emelianenko b Angelo Araujo. If anyone has details of this, let me know. I just know Araujo was bleeding. Doc or ref stopped.
Semmy Schilt vs. Josh Barnett is now in the third round. Sounds like a great match so far. Barnett got an armbar at 4:48 to keep the Pancrase title. Very exciting.
Tatsumi Fujinami b Antonio Inoki in an unannounced pro wrestling match. I’m not making this up.
Michael McDonald b Hiromi Amada via 2nd round knockout in :46 in a K-1 rules match.
Stefan Leko KO’d Kazunari Murakami quickly under K-1 rules.
Fedor Emelianenko KO’d Yuji Nagata in 1:02. These last two matches have really made New Japan look bad. Fujita is next and the feeling is right now that he has to win.
Fujita saved the day beating Imamu Mayfield in the second round via a sleeper backbreaker combination submission. Fujita would only get 20 seconds on the ground before being stood up, which is why the fight lasted as long as it did.
Amar Suloev b Din Thomas via ref stoppage at 4:22
Alistair Overeem b Tomihiko Hashimoto via quick knockout

Quinton Jackson b Ikuhisa Minowa via ref stoppage in round two
Heath Herring b Giant Silva – choke at 3:05 of round three.
Hayato Sakurai b Daijyu Takase via decision.
Murilo Ninja b Akira Shoji with a high knee in the first round
Goldberg and Naoya Ogawa had a pull-apart in a big angle for 1/4
Royce Gracie drew Hidehiko Yoshida. Gracie dominated and would have won the decision. First round even, second definitely went to Royce. Royce screwed himself by demanding no judges.
Gary Goodridge b Don Frye in :39 with high kick. People were stunned by this, because people in Japan don’t know how badly beaten up Frye is.
Daniel Gracie b Wataru Sakata with an armbar
Yuki Kondo b Mario Sperry via blood stoppage after knees
Kiyoshi Tamura b Ronny Sefo by armbar in first round
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira b Kazushi Sakuraba via unanimous decision in an exciting match

Kristof Midoux b Tom Howard
Genki Sudo b Butterbean (well, that’s a relief)
Masayuki Naruse b Jan Nortje (finally a pro wrestler wins)
Predator b Mauricio Silva in 13 seconds
Yusuke Fujimoto b Francois Botha (No details other than a decision, but a former heavyweight champion boxer losing to a kickboxing prelim guy)
Francisco Filho b Toa the Samoan Beast via split decision
Ernesto Hoost b Montanha Silva via unanimous decision
Yoshihiro Nakao b David Khakhaleichivili when Dave tapped due to exhaustion.
Alexey Ignashov b Shinsuke Nakamura. Whatever I wrote about the Nagata fight goes triple here.
Bob Sapp b Akebono via first round Ko’