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WWE: Maven, Jericho, Byte This, Long (**RAW spoilers**)

– The reason for Maven’s brief absense from the ring recently is apparently due to his Auntie (who some of you may remember from Tough Enough) who is deteriorating in health. Maven, understandably, wants to be by her side. Steven Richards took his place at the house shows this past weekend.

– The current plan for the Chris Jericho/Trish Stratus storyline is to turn Jericho babyface. Test runs have proven successful and it’s fairly safe to say the end of Vitamin C could occur sooner rather than later.

– This Thursday’s Byte This will feature Nunzio, Dawn Marie and “Superstar” Billy Graham.

– As of this moment, is running a poll on the performance of Theodore Long as General Manager on RAW. 18.74% have voted “Very well playa”. 15.91% have voted “So-so playa”. Unsurprisingly, considering the number of “marks” on the internet, 65.34% have voted “Very poor playa”. In a way, I could almost agree. As well as he played the entire role, the racism went overboard in my opinion for one night, and just served to damper the whole storyline.