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Sony music team up with WWE

You’ve bobbed your head to the entrance music and air-guitared to their duets with recognised music stars. Now, the Superstars of WWE are taking centre stage with their own original recordings and music performances. WWE “Originals” will give fans a chance to see their heroes in a whole new light when its release on 12th January, from Sony Music.

A 12-song compilation, WWE Originals will feature all new material from your favourite WWE Superstars. No cover versions here, just block-rocking originals that range from pop and rap, to nu-metal and rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin reinforces his public perception as a hard drinking, hard living S.O.B on the appropriately titled interlude, “ Where’s The Beer?” whilst Chris Jericho summarises his in-ring arrogance with his ode to self “Don’t You Wish You Were Me?” From the Latino leanings of Rey Mysterio’s “Crossing Borders” to the tough talking rap of John Cena’s “Basic Thugonomics”, there’s something for all music fans to get their teeth into. Even the WWE Divas get involved, with Stacy Keibler putting her 41-inch legs to good use with “Can’t We Just Dance?” and Trish Stratus answering the dreams of millions of young men with the seductively-titled, “I Just Want You”.

It’s a collection that all music and WWE fans will want to get their hands on. Plus, for a limited time, an additional 30-minute “making of” DVD will be included in the package, an even greater reason to rush out and get it. Get ready to get down with the WWE Superstars, but remember, this is “Originals”, not “Sing-a-long with The Rock”! WWE Originals will be released on 12th January 2004 and will be available from all good music stores.

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