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FWA return to Winchester

Ross Jordon has issued a challenge to the team of “Show Stealer” Alex Shane and “The Righteous one” Paul Travell for the main event, of the upcoming FWA Academy show in Winchester on Saturday 17th of January.

Jordon has said that he has got a mystery surprise partner from the FWA main shows who also has a big score to settle against Shane. Many fans are pointing towards the possibility of Shane’s new arch enemy Ulf Herman. This match also marks the first pairing of former rivals Shane and Paul Travell. Travell, who is making his first big FWA appearence since the horrific fire incident at British Uprising 2 last October, has had serious battle’s with Shane over the last 12 months up and down the UK. with enemies on both sides of the ring the self proclaimed “Show Stealer” might be in some serious trouble.

FWA Heavyweight Champion Doug Williams makes his Academy debut against one of the FWA’s most promising young wrestlers in years Aviv Maayan. This is Aviv’s biggest match to date but many are predicting that it will also be his best. After some of the contest’s Maayan has had of late, including a death defying ladder match at the last Academy show, this could be one of the FWA Academy’s best matches ever.

Academy Champion Eamon Shrahan defends his championship against the FWA main show superstar Simmons. This is a huge match for both the newly crowned champion but also the amazingly popular one man heat machine. Simmon’s butler suit will be put to one side for the evening in this one.

James Tighe goes one on one with FWA Academy monster Stixx for a shot at the number one contendership to Eamon Shrahans Academy title. James is eager to show that he is not lost a step since his main event performance at British Uprising 2. While Stixx is eager to prove why he is worthy of the attention he has recieved on Academy shows over the last six months. This is truly one to watch.

The Duke of Danger takes on “Specialist” Mark Sloan in a FWA main show Guest Match. These two have had unfinished business ever since Sloan stood in for the injured Duke against Burchill at FWA Vendetta 2003. The Duke feels he was let down, while Sloan feels he was never thanked properly for as he puts it “saving the snob’s arse”. Buttercup may need to touch up on her massage skills after some of those Specialist kicks get planted in Winchester.

Raj Ghosh and his very popular younger brother Rishi team up to take on the likely 2003 Rookie of the Year Burchill. Burchill seemed to have turned his back on the Academy at the last show and many are keen to see how his new attitude translates in the wrestling ring. If we all thought that Burchill was a monster before God help the brothers Ghosh on January 17th.

The FWA Academy is not the only wrestling school being represented in Winchester as the Essex based Dropkixx gym’s new head trainer Baxter Buridge takes on a man who many have labeled the UK Kurt Angle, former UK Amateur Wrestling Champion, Charles Rease. These two have had some classics as of late for Premier Promotions and the FWA management are very excited about bringing this Dropkixx Guest Match to its fans.

There will also be many other Academy stars on this very special bill of wrestling and we urge all our fans to try and make it and show support to not only our FWA main show roster stars but also the UK stars of tomorow on what should be a great event.

Call the Academy Box Office to reserve your tickets on 023 9271

Date: Saturday 17th January

Venue: The Riverpark Leisure Centre, Gordon Road, WINCHESTER, Hampshire SO23 7DD

Tickets: £6

Box Office: 023 9271 7945