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WWE: Backstage Meeting Before Raw (Non-Spoiler)

WWE had a talent meeting just before RAW last night. Management made it clear that this would be taking place on a weekly basis from now on. McMahon and others will critique matches from the prior week, not as a criticizing tool, but as a learning technique. The talent was told to watch the recent match between Shawn Michaels and Triple H from a couple weeks ago to get a better understanding of how to work in the ring and make his or her character better. There was much talk of seizing your opportunities and stepping up every chance you get. Vince also talked about the position the industry is in today also referring to Ted Turner and how he “folded his tent” and walked away from wrestling. Many are beginning to believe that Vince is actually starting to accept how significant the Monday night wars were back in the WWF verses WCW days.

McMahon also spoke about turning your back on your opponent in the ring. He said it shocks him when he sees the wrestlers do that. Funny thing is Shane McMahon is also guilty of doing exactly that in his matches.