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WWE: Spanky Leaves Company

Brian “Spanky” Kendrick gave WWE his notice last night at the Smackdown taping. I am not sure when he will finish out with the company, but people close to him have been telling us for a while now that he has not been happy with his mostly nonexistent role in the company. After a nice initial push, the company has largely ignored the talented young worker.
It’s interesting to note that a number of the wrestlers were talking about Spanky leaving WWE, on his own terms, at Smackdown last night. With talk of the annual winter talent cuts being on the minds of many in WWE of late, Spanky’s move shocked a lot of people. I have talked to three people in the company who have told me that the respect his decision, pointing out that for many young wrestlers, the dream of going to work for WWE has almost turned into a nightmare once they get there. Mike Johnson will have more on this story shortly.