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WWE: Randy Orton confirms injury

 checked my e-mail like I do every tuesday when i get home off the road, and saw how many of my friends and relatives were questioning whether or not i was legitimatly hurt during my match with Rob last night (1/12/04) on RAW.well, for those who are interested here is what occured. Within 3 mintes into the match RVD threw me into the ring post while on the floor, normally I would get my hands up in time to soften the impact, but if you watch it in slow motion, youll see one hand was too low and one to high. I cracked the top of my forehead on the post, leaving a cut that needed 10 stitches, and lots of sweeling. I have been knocked out before, and I was definitly knocked goofy, but not unconcious. I was however disoriented enough were I had trouble with balance and vision. During the commercial break I was pretty much inoperable but with about 30 seconds before the break was up, I had this sudden adrenaline rush, and with a few deep breaths I started to gain some perception back. Now I would like to comment on RVDs performance . He is the reason that match was able to go on. We had 20 minutes for that match. 3 minutes after the bell rang, I was in a state were I didnt quite know what was going on. Rob showed what a Ring General he was, by talking me threw the rest of the 17 minutes of that match.I hate “exposing” the buisness like this, but I feel that as fans, you should hear this so that you can see how difficult our trade can be, and possibly enjoy and respect it more then you do already.