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WWE: Lita on Playboy, her ring name…


Lita was interviewed by The Wisconsin State Journal to promote a WWE house show scheduled for this weekend at Dane County Coliseum at Alliant Center.

In the article, Lita discusses a number of different topics. She notes that she recently received another offer to pose nude for Playboy, but turned it down, stating that if she said no because, “It would be strictly a paycheck. It wouldn’t be a stepping stone for a career.”

When asked about the origin of her ring name, Lita thought immediately of rocker Lita Ford (“Kiss Me Deadly”) but the name is actually deritivate of the name Lolita.

Lita also discussed the popularity of wrestlers versus other celebrities and noted that wrestlers are bare boned celebrities without entourages so they are more real to fans. She noted a meeting with actor Melissa Joan-Hart where she was treated rudely as an example of a celebrity being out of touch with reality.

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