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WWE: Raw House Show Results, Des Moines, IA, 16th January 2004


Just got back from the RAW house show at Vets Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa. Here is a brief recap of the show…

The Coach opens the show with a couple of local DJ’s and does the usual schtick that the ring announcer does. The t-shirt guy does his thing. We get a playing of the National Anthem and we are ready to begin…

Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry w/ Theodore R. Long

Who the hell did Jericho piss off??? It’s bad enough he had to job to Henry on RAW but now he’s the curtain jerker with Mizark at a house show??? Basically the same match they had at Raw this past week. My friend and I bet how many times Henry would botch a spot during the bout which I am proud to say I won with my guess of 3 which was the correct answer. Trish Stratus makes a run in after Teddy Long’s interference and gets bumped around by Henry. Finish sees Jericho hit The World’s Strongest Man…allegedly…with a low blow and a rollup for the 1-2-3. Jericho and Trish tease a romantic encounter but all we get is a handshake and a hug.

Matt Hardy Version 1 vs. Maven

See the intro for my Chris Jericho report…Funny bit happens when Maven makes his entrance and pulls down the makeshift curtain entrance area. Decent match with plenty of near falls. Hardy goes for the Twist Of Fate 3 times and each time it being reversed with the final time Maven reversing the move into a backslide for the three count. Afterwards Hardy attacks Maven and hits the Twist Of Fate.

The Hurricane vs. Batista

What’s wrong with this scenerio? Does anyone else besides me smell a squash? Relatively short match ending with Batista hitting Hurricane with the big powerbomb. Afterwards additional referees and the trainer come out to check on Hurricane who hasn’t moved since taking the move. I believe he may have had the wind knocked out of him because he got up and left under his own power but did not look to be very happy.

Val Venis & Lance Storm vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Before the match we are “treated” to some mic work from Cade and Jindrak. Now I remember why these 2 don’t get much mic time on RAW. They cut a promo talking each other up on how good each of them looked. Somehow I can’t stop thinking eventually we’ll be seeing Billy & Chuck Part 2 with these guys. Nice pop for Storm and Val. Val and Lance each are great workers and seeing them on RAW doesn’t do their talent justice. It’s a damn shame that creative can’t seem to come up with anything with these 2 because I think they are really missing the boat with these 2. Finish sees Jindrak roll up Venis and hook the tights for the 3 count.

The Coach then says it’s interview time and introduces us to Spike Dudley. Coach asks Spike why he insists on not being on Bischoff and Coach’s team. Spike calls Coach the biggest jackass Des Moines has ever seen. Need I remind Spike that there are currently 9 jackasses in Des Moines right now trying to get their parties nomination to TRY to become President. Out of nowhere Christian runs in and attacks Spike from behind. Hit the music and enter stage right Bubba and D-Von to make the save. They hit Christian with some double team moves which prompts Test and Scott Steiner to run in to save Christian. Coach says he is making a 3 vs. 2 tables match.
Spike Dudley vs. Christian

No Contest

Dudley Boyz vs. Christian, Scott Steiner & Test in a Handicap 3 On 2 Tables Match

Typical Dudley match. Heels work over face Dudley member. Hot tag. Face cleans house. Heels make short recovery. Stevie Richards makes a run in and nails Test with the Stevie Kick. Steiner quickly disposes of Stevie. Christian gets caught in the ring and gets a 3D through the table for his trouble. Post match Dudley celebration sees Bubba egging the crowd on for a pop for a lucky fan to get a piece of the table they just got done putting Christian through. D-Von grabs a youngster sitting in the front row and Bubba gives him the piece of the table and has security take a picture of the trio. The Dudleys do their usual long post match celebration with the fans that lasts close to 10 minutes. Good to see someone tonight going the extra step for us.

Coach announces there will be a 10 minute intermission and when we return the Fatal Fourway Match for the Women’s Title.

Lita vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz

Lita is the 1st to enter and the last to leave. My friend who is a big Lita mark turns to me and asks, “What happened to Lita? She used to have talent…?” I had to explain to him that during the period when she was recovering from her neck injury Fit Finley worked tirelessly with the ladies and made them better workers. Jazz is next to be eliminated. Finish sees Molly roll up Trish for the win. Pretty basic nothing special.

Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton w/ Batista

Again a repeat of their Monday Night match except Batista is at ringside. Orton retains the I-C strap with the RKO after interference from Batista. No matter how much creative tries to keep him down, RVD is still one of the most over guys on the roster. Postmatch sees Orton and Batista ready to snap RVD’s leg when Kane’s music hits. Kane comes to the ring and 1/2 of Evolution quickly exits. Kane works over RVD and gives him a chokeslam. Can You Dig It Sucka??? plays over the P.A. system as Booker T hits the ring to save his friend RVD which leads to…

Booker T vs. Kane No DQ Match

I have seen some stinker Main Events but THIS takes the cake. Both Booker and Kane were definatley phoning this one in. Booker looked horrible. He was not in sync with Kane at all. He blew almost as many spots as Henry did. RVD makes a run in and gives Kane a Van Daminator for his trouble. Booker hits the scissors kick and thank goodness this match is over. Kane gets on the house mic and cuts the same promo about the Rumble he has cut for the last 3 weeks and leaves. Coach thanks us for coming and tells us to check out Raw this Monday night as he has had a handheld camera doing a video diary and pieces of it will be shown on Raw this Monday night.


It’s hard to say how full the house was. The floor was full and the balcony was sold weird. Some sections were about half full and some barely had anyone in them at all. Crowd was into the matches all night despite not everyone clearly giving 100%. The buzz around was a lot of people were upset that the majority of the main players on RAW weren’t booked for Des Moines, but were for the next 2 days shows in Wisconsin. No Austin, Goldberg, HHH, Shawn, Flair or Bischoff.

Biggest Pops:
1. Dudley Boyz
2. Chris Jericho
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Booker T
5. Trish/Lita

Biggest Heat:
1.Randy Orton
2. Mark Henry ( I think he’s 2nd because I don’t think there was a person in Des Moines who wanted to see him.)
3. Kane
4. Batista
5. Jazz/Molly