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WWE: SmackDown House Show, Duluth

Crowd was under half full but that didn’t stop us from a good time. Paul Heyman came out, insulted us and talked about the John Cena incident at Smackdown last week. Cena came out with a pop and confronted Heyman. They announced  Rhyno vs. Cena for later but Rhyno attacked Cena from behind and he announced Cena vs. Rhyno right then and there. Cena  won real quick in a basic match with the FU. Crowd was into Cena big time.

Bradshaw defeated Matt Morgan and let me tell you Matt Morgan is HUGE in person. Good big man match. Morgan could be something some day. Basic 7 minute match with Bradshaw with the win with the Clothesline From Hell.

Chuck Palumbo beat Orlando Jordan in a decent little match. Not much to say but Palumbo won with a superkick.

Basham Brothers beat Shelton  Benjamin and Charlie Hass. Good tag match, old school style. You can tell Jim Cornette was working with them in OVW. Just quick tags.  The longest and in my opinion the best of the night. They need to get these two in a TV program NOW! Maybe I’m  a sucker for being at a show for the first time in a while but I loved this match!

Paul Heyman then came out and said he likes this next guy. He said he isn’t supposed to cheer the “good guys” but called out Ernest “The Cat” Miller. Miller came out with Lamont and Heyman then nailed Lamont. A-Train came in and attacked Miller before the bell and Heyman said this match would start now. Train won in about 12 seconds with a Baldo Bomb and got the 1..2..3. After that, John Cena came out and cleared the ring and got the crowd going again and called himself “White Chocolate” and  he and Miller danced in the ring and it was pretty entertaining. They pushed Cena HARD. I ain’t laughed like that since they started pushing The Rock!

Eddie Guerrero beat Chavo Jr. with a frog splash. Match was basic but Chavo Sr. came to the ring with Chavo Jr. and the place loved it!!! Late in the match Kurt Angle came out while the ref was knocked out and attacked Chavo  and then Eddie nailed Chavo Jr. with a frog splash. Afterward Eddie and Angle teased a heel moment and refused to shake hands, then embraced afterwards. Angle was not announced on the card and I went nuts because I love Kurt Angle so I was happy for that surprise!

10 minute intermission after that.

We came back to the Tiny Teddy Challenge between Sable, Dawn Marie and Nidia. Nidia did the blind gimmick yet and no one cared. Sable was asking the crowd to chant her name “Sable, Sable” which they did and she said Duluth wasn’t worthy of seeing her teddy. Dawn Marie won thanks to the fans and afterwards Sable tripped a blinded Nidia and Dawn Marie disrobed Sable.

Rey Mysterio beat Jamie Noble and Tajiri with the 619 and legdrop senton on Noble with Tajiri hurt outside of the ring. Pretty crappy match they could’ve done more with this. In ECW this on a house show would kill anything on any show! Disappointing, under 5 minutes.

Main event was announced as Chris Benoit and Hardcore Holly vs. Brock Lesnar and the Big Show. The ring announcer screwed up and said this was a U.S. title match which kinda confused us on this angle. I swear this is the Big Show’s first title defense since he hasn’t ever defended it on TV. Anyways Paul Heyman told Holly that he needed to be 50 feet away because of the restraining order the Big Show had, so if he came close to the ring then he would forfeit his title match at the Royal Rumble against Brock. so this was instead a U.S. title match between the Big Show and Chris Benoit. Brock interfered several times in the match. Ref was knocked out late in the match and Benoit went for a flying headbutt on Show and Brock came in and nailed Benoit with the WWE belt. Ref came to and Show got the win. Afterwards Holly chased Brock to the back and Show headbutted Benoit and went for the chokeslam but Benoit turned it into a Crippler Crossface and Show tapped out and laid in the middle of the ring while Benoit took
in the cheers of the crowd for it.

Really good show and I really think the weekend off rested up the guys. Finishes to matches were kind of weak but overall a great show.