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wZw Aftermath Show Results – 19th Jan 2004

From wZw:

wZw once again fill a venue, yes over 300 people packed into the Trades Nightclub in Consett. Even with the odds being stacked against us, (Newcastle at Home and live on Sky, Metro Strike, and in the middle of the worst financial month for most people), we promoted and filled.

Bill Podmores nose once again performed and were awesome, writing the theme song for the Aftermath show.

The show was filled with awesome pyrotechnics, 2 giant video screens, full lighting and set and 8 great matches on an awesome card.

Tonight wZw brought the people of Consett Aftermath……

AJ Anderson def Robbie Rage, Stevie Lynn and Big Ben Stone

The aftermath, BCW owner Highlander came runnng in from the crowd and attacked the trainees, security ran into the ring and pulled Highlander off, they then whipped thier security vests off and were none other than Stu Pendous and Wolfgang, Highlanders hench men.

General Trent Steel came out to sort out the mess and Highlander refused to leave the ring unless he was given a match on the show, GTS accepted his challenge and decided he was the man to face the invader. Tim Strange and Marshall Law not happy hearing this, ran to the ring and said if he was fighting Highlander what were they to do, GTS booked the match Tim Strange and Marshall Law Vs Wolfgang & Stu Pendous.

**TJ Cain & Demo (GPW) Def Full Pack (Iain “Express” Robinson & Micky L (wZw))

Highlander def General Trent Steel

The Aftermath, Highlander tied the General up in the ropes and proceeded to beat him down, in came Stu Pendous and Wolfgang to assist with the beating. Some of the wZw faithful came from backstage and chased off the attackers.

Shady Nattrass def Juvenile
2 out of 3 table match
Juvanile went through the first table after missing a gore in the corner and sent clean through the table, landing outside the ring. The second table lost was when Shady picked up Juvenile and pile driven him from the apron to the floor through a table.

Enigma def Carbon

Marshall Law & Tim Strange def Wolfgang and Stu Pendous

Iceman def Spitfire
Xtreme Hardcore Match

The Aftermath, Iceman declared the wZw Xtreme Title was to be retired, saying no one in the UK is hardcore enough to take it from him, at this point, Deacon Dispair came from behind and hit Iceman with a badminton Raquet covered in Thumb Tacks, inplanting 20 of them into the top of his head, Iceman lying in a pool of blood tried to escape but Deacon beat him and DDTed him into the already thumbtack laden canvess. Deacon went back stage and came to the ring with a barbed wire covered board, set it up into the corner and slammed Iceman into it, leaveing iceman a blooded mess.

Nattrass Boys def UK Pitbulls

The aftermath, The UK PItbulls initially got the win, but continued to beat down on the Nattrass Boys, the ref warned the 3 times to stop but they continued. He called for them to be disqualified. In sheer anger and annoyance Bulk picked up J Nattrass and threw him over the top, in between the ring and the stage, J bouncing off the steel to the floor. Both Pitbulls went a beat more out of XL, Shady ran to the ring to help and was beaten down, then the whole wZw roster ran into the ring and were quickly dispersed by the mighty UK Pitbulls…

Full report and over 100 photo’s will be coming in the coming days on the wZw website