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Tanner and Baroni sound off at each other

This past week has been a war of words between Evan Tanner and Phil Baroni regarding their fight at UFC 45: Revolution back in November.

Evan Tanner kick started things by releasing a statement on this past Friday. Here are the main comments from Evan’s original statement.

– Evan started off by declaring that he still enjoys the competition of fighting, but he dislikes the politics inside the fight game.

– Evan said that he deserved his win over Baroni, but felt that he didn’t get enough credit for the win.

– Evan agreed with the blood stoppage by the referee, as there was a break in the action. Evan also felt he took Baroni’s best punches.

– Evan felt that Baroni was not intelligently defending himself and therefore the referee stoppage by Larry Landless was warranted.

– According to Evan, Baroni attacking Larry Landless was an act of stupidity and that he should just deal with the consequences of his actions.

– Evan finished by stating that it would be a pleasure to give Baroni a rematch, as Baroni is someone he genuinely does not like.

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This past Monday, both Evan Tanner and Phil Baroni were scheduled to appear on Ryan Bennett’s MMA Weekly Radio to vent their feelings on the fight and each other. Unfortunately, only Evan Tanner phoned in. Here’s the jist of Evan’s comments from the show.

         Evan repeated several comments from his original statement.

         Evan feels that he is an old man in the sport, as there are only five guys in the UFC longer than him.

– Evan feels that everyone is babying around Baroni and that he brought all this on himself.

– Evan also suggested that the referees shouldn’t talk to the fighters during the fight to avoid confusion, as he believes the referees should know themselves when to step in.

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On Wednesday, put a statement on their site emailed to them from Phil Baroni regarding Evan Tanner’s comments. Here are the highlights from Phil’s statement.

– Phil started off by stating that everything Tanner said about their fight was way off.

– Phil said that Tanner must have had his brain scrambled by Phil’s flurry of punches, but assured Tanner that those were not his best punches.

– Phil referred to a "Pit Bull Game" expression that Tanner had on his face at the weigh-ins and at the beginning of the fight and was quick to point out how he rid Tanner of his expression with his fists.

– Phil said that Tanner should go back to being the silent type and stated that Tanner should stop hanging out (training with) Woogy (Matt Lindland) because if he wasn’t careful, his career would end up like Lindland’s

– Phil said Tanner should not have kicked him while he was down by talking trash and that if he wanted a rematch all he had to do was ask. Baroni said he accepted Tanner’s challenge and assured Tanner that he would feel his best punches next time they fought.

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