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TNA: Acadamy at the Asylum

Are you ready to walk the walk and talk the talk? If you are, TNA is giving you that opportunity.

Due to popular demand, TNA is proud to announce the upcoming opening of the “TNA ACADEMY AT THE ASYLUM!” Get off that couch, put down that remote and as Konnan would say, “DO THE DAMN THING!!!” Learn the tools of the trade by the best in the game! Everything you wanted to know about Professional Wrestling/Sports- Entertainment but were afraid to ask is about to be offered to you on a silver platter.

Are you interested in seeing if you can survive the TNA “Gut Check” try-out session? If so, e-mail us with your FULL NAME and CURRENT EMAIL at the following email address:

A TNA representative will contact you via e-mail with all the necessary information in the near future. This program is ONLY for those dedicated to learning from the best, and you MUST be 18 years or older to take part!

Lace em’up—and let it loose!!