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FWA mini statement

On belhalf of the FWA committe the following post is intended to clear up much speculation and rumours

1) In regards to the FWA (UK) Prowrestling NOAH (JAP) the rumours regarding a “tie up” in March is purely speculation and we can confirm that is only speculation at this point and no further meetings/arrangments have been made at this time.

2) In regards to the FWA and its status. I can state now, on record that the FWA has never been in a stronger position and with so much going on we have little time to address all the rumours. We have so many projects on the go, its hard to keep track, you all stated you wanted FWA to take the next step and that we are. No doubt you have all heard many times before about companies with big projects and the like but we won’t be swayed by others past failings, FWA have delivered before and are about to deliver again. All shall be revealed soon enough.

3) The amount of shows from March onwards is due to increase dramatically and the start of the schedule should appear soon. This has been the FWA’s main critisim in the past and with a new member having just joined the management team we have already increased our booked events drastically at this point.

There simply is not enough hours in the day for the FWA team at the moment but it will all be worth it in the long run.


Mark Sloan

taken from ukff