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Next Generation/King Of The Cage dispute update

Over the last few days, one of King Of the Cage’s promoters (Chris Cordeiro) replied Chris Brennan’s thread on the Underground forum. Cordeiro gave his take on events. Cordeiro’s version of events was more or less the same as Next Generation’s except that Cordeiro denies that he knew about the fighter pulling out until the very morning of the day that the weigh-ins were due to take place.

However, Cordeiro admits that he refused to pay Erica Montoya the agreed fight purse for solely showing up, which goes against common practices with promoters in MMA, as Montoya showed up to fight while her agreed opponent did not.

Cordeiro then went on to have a war of words with Chris Brennan on the thread. Brennan referred to an email conversation that they once had were Cordeiro alledgedly claimed that he agreed Jeremy Horn beat Dean Lister for the last King Of The Cage Light Heavyweight Championship fight, but couldn’t understand why the judges didn’t give it to Lister for being a loyal KOTC fighter.

Cordeiro retaliated by mocking Brennan personally about his entertainment level in fights and also questioned his skill as a fighter. Cordeiro then resorted to claims that he would highlight a beating Brennan received in a previous fight just to humiliate him on future KOTC shows. Overall, Cordeiro’s comments weren’t taken well by Brennan and the fans who also posted on the thread, as many fans claimed that they would boycot the KOTC product in the future due to the promotions behaviour.