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Official UFC 46 Weigh ins

Well, the first part of UFC 46: SuperNatural is complete and that of course is the weigh ins. Here are the weigh ins for each match up on the card.

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (185 lbs – 205 lbs)

Randy Couture (Champion) 204 lbs

Vitor Belfort (Challenger) 205 lbs

UFC Welterweight Championship (155 lbs – 170 lbs)

Matt Hughes (Champion) 170 lbs

BJ Penn (Challenger) 169.5 lbs

UFC Heavyweight Bout (205 lbs – 265 lbs)

Frank Mir 249 lbs

Wes Sims 238 lbs

UFC Middleweight Bout (170 lbs – 185 lbs)

Jorge Rivera 185 lbs

Lee Murray 182.5 lbs

UFC Welterweight Bout (155 lbs – 170 lbs)

Karo Parisyan 169 lbs

George St. Pierre 167.5 lbs

UFC Lightweight Bout #1 (145 lbs – 155 lbs)

Matt Serra 154.5 lbs

Jeff Curran 154 lbs

UFC Lightweight Bout #2 (145 lbs – 155 lbs)

Hermes Franca 155 lbs

Josh Thomson 155 lbs

UFC Swing Bout (???)

Carlos Newton 175 lbs

Renato Verissimo 174 lbs

Just to clarify something. The swing bout between Carlos Newton and Renato Verissimo was originally scheduled as a Welterweight Bout, but it is believed that Carlos Newton had flight problems arriving late from Canada, therefore he didn’t have adequate time to cut the last bit of weight to make 170 lbs, so the Nevada State Athtletic Commission talked to both fighters about the situation. Both fighters agreed a new weight limit with the Commission for 175 lbs, which both fighters made. Although, technically it is inside the Middleweight pool, the maximum weight was scheduled for 175 lbs rather than 185 lbs, therefore it is not yet known what division it will be classed in officially. For pictures of the weigh ins, you can click the source provided.