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Entrants announced for SCW King of Scotland tournament

With just over two weeks until Lion Rampant II, we can now announce the four entrants into 2004’s King of Scotland Tournament.

– ‘Pigman’ Andy Hogg: Andy has featured quite prominently in SCW over the past two years. Reaching the final four of the Scottish Heavyweight Tournament, losing to Drew McDonald for the vacated title and also defeating Majik to gain slot 30 in the Caledonian Skirmish. Andy was also the first opponent, in SCW, for Eric Canyon and helped raise Eric’s profile.

– Chris Charizma: Chris has only appeared on one SCW show, but had the audacity to come in and slate the entire roster with his very first promo. He may have suffered at the hands of Conscience on that occasion, but on February 14th he goes into the Tournament with three men all around his size.

– Assassin: Was actually at the first Lion Rampant show, but wasn’t used in a wrestling capacity. This year’s Lion Rampant II will allow Assassin to show just how far he has come along since then. Lost to Andy Hogg in the Scottish Heavyweight Title Tournament, then had a MOTY for 2003 candidate against Majik at Summer Spirit and was one of the last three left in the Caledonian Skirmish.

– Eric ‘The Fist’ Canyon: Last, but certainly not least. Eric debuted at Lion Rampant and was unlucky enough to be picked as the man to face Andy Hogg. Andy rates that match as one of the top three of his career, so you can see the mark Eric has made even from the beginning. Also lost to Drew McDonald during 2003, after defeating Hatred.