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The Lilsboys chat to Steve Austin

From The LilsBoys:

Hi it’s The LilsBoys here, wrestling correspondents for The Sun – Britain’s biggest selling newspaper.

This week we got to sit down with the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin and you can read the full hour-long chat here

Here are just some of the many highlights, with Steve talking about:

Wrestling again – “I would like to do a streetfight type match with Vince but I think WrestleMania is going to come too fast for us to do anything. Could it happen somewhere down the line? Yeah, you could definitely see it some day.”

Goldberg – “The people always wanted to see Stone Cold v Goldberg and the window was there for that match when WCW went out of business and he was really hot. He’s a guy I would really have liked to have wrestle. Now, I could still do something with Goldberg.”

Hulk Hogan – “I’ve got a lot of respect for his longevity, charisma and the career he’s had. I’ve had conversations with the guy but when you’re talking to Hulk Hogan you never really know who you’re talking to.”

Walking out on the WWE – “The reason I walked out was because I was having health problems I didn’t want to tell the office about. On top of that I
thought they were really cr***ing on me. The storylines they were giving me were not worthy of the biggest draw in the history of the business. I’m not sitting here bragging, those are facts, you can go and ask Vince McMahon and he’ll tell you damn near the same thing. Will he admit he was cr***ing on me? No, he probably won’t say that, but they were.”

Stars being held back – “Some people were talking through some of the insider sheets saying that ‘this guy and that guy are holding back the younger talent’. But when guys went down with injuries, no one stepped up. Either you have the ability to make it to the top or you don’t. This business is first come first served, whoever can get over has a chance to get over using the tools and the time that they give you.”

In the full chat Steve also talks extensively about his favourite feuds, the WWE’s new stars, his creative role in the company, turning heel and much more.