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SCW: Tag team split

With everything that’s been going on, this story was one that nobody involved at SCW expected. Since coming into SCW, the team of Karl Harker and Paul Parisio have impressed everyone and were being tipped as a favourite to win the tag team warfare. Even when Karl Harker wasn’t at When Spirits Rise and a part of the Caledonian Skirmsh, it was felt they were just showing exactly how dominant they felt they could be. Some even assumed that the team was so close that they couldn’t face each other. But, all that was blown away during one phone call to SCW Owner Kenny Morrison.

Kenny, who spent today in Greenock promoting the show, had the following to say. “What should have been a normal day of promoting became something quite different, as a 15 minute phone call between myself and Karl Harker changed the face of SCW’s tag division forever. I can say that Karl has chosen a new partner already and we will see the new partnership debut at Lion Rampant II.”

After this news reached the SCW Offices, we phoned Karl Harker for his side of the story. “Paul made one mistake, complaining about my non-appearance at the Caledonian Skirmish. He stated that I’d let him and the fans down. THE FANS…why the hell should I care about the fans? I mean, have I ever cared about the fans? I have a new partner now and if Paul wants to take this further, well I’ll see him at Golden Harvest 2004 in April. Who knows, maybe I’ll be one half of SCW’s “uncrowned” tag team Champions by then.

With the above still rocking the SCW Board, Kenny Morrison has announced that Karl Harker’s new partner is none other than “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite.

Cameron was trained by NWA-UK Hammerlock, debuting and appearing in a number of Rumble rules matches through 2001. In 2002, Cameron worked the first Elite Pro Wrestling show and actually faced Karl Harker. Since then, Cameron has worked for All Star Promotions, Revolution British Wrestling, United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance and, more recently, for Garage Pro Wrestling…for whom he wrestled the UK’s first casket match.

Not only has Cameron worked in the UK, but he also visited the Powerplant Centre (former WCW training centre) in 2003 and already has other work scheduled for the US.

As difficult as the circumstances of his debut will be, Cameron is sure to bring something to the Scottish Championship Wrestling roster and everyone here welcomes him on-board. Of course, this now means he goes straight into the Tag Team Warfare match.