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ECW return news; Two 3 way matches at Wrestlemania – Potential Spoilers

– Although rumours of resurrecting the ‘ECW-Brand’ have been flying around for some time, it has become apparent that the WWE are now giving the idea some serious thought to adding a third brand under the ECW name.

It is expected that the brand will be more ‘hardcore’ and will take the TV time slot of ‘Confidential’, which the WWE now consider to be a ‘fluff’ show.

– Vince McMahon is apparently changing his mind daily with regard to the two Main Events at Wrestlemania.

He brought the idea to his bookers that two ‘Triple Threat’ matches as the Wrestlemania main events, might be the way to go.

With Michaels, Benoit and Triple H for the Raw brand and Lesnar, Goldberg and the winner of the #1 contender’s match at No Way Out, for the Smackdown brand.

McMahon also likes the idea of Goldberg causing Lesnar to lose the title to Eddie Guerrero, allowing Guerrero to carry the belt through Wrestlemania – while any Goldberg – Brock Lesnar match would be ‘non-title’.

It is speculated that Eddie Guerrero, regardless of whether he beats Brock Lesnar or not, will face Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania.