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Major League Wrestling Launches Streaming Video On Demand

February 9, 2004 (New York, NY) Major League Wrestling, Inc. is pleased to announce a new joint venture with Digital Caucus the leader in streaming video with the launch of MLW Streaming Video On Demand, allowing fans to access the full library of the MLW Underground TV series online from any personal computer connected to the internet. This service will debut Friday, February 20, 2004 as a new feature on with several episodes readily available and the entire MLW Underground TV library to follow soon thereafter.

Soon, MLW On Demand will feature many of the premiere and memorable matches from the history of MLW Underground TV dating back to April 2003 including the rise of the Extreme Horsemen, Satoshi Kojima World Heavyweight Championship victory that kicked off the new era of hybrid wrestling, the bloody war featuring La Parka vs. Sabu, Homicide breaking free of the young lion status in his feud with Jerry Lynn, and War Games 03. Within a few weeks, all of those shows from the initial pilot to the latest episode will be available. Each weeks edition of MLW Underground TV will be added on a weekly basis.

MLW wrestling fans will be able to purchase each TV show for just $2.00 per event with a discounted on the horizon.

MLW On Demand will be the first of its kind to broadcast worldwide via broadband the complete library of pro wrestling telecasts, giving fans around the world the opportunity to keep up with MLW Underground TV regardless if MLW Underground TV is in their market.

Starting on Friday, February 20, 2004 fans will be able to access MLW On Demand by visiting: and follow the Step-by-Step Guide for quick and easy setup.

MLW features a refreshing new style of professional wrestling known as “hybrid wrestling.” Built around the best of the best in talent, MLW features countless styles from around the world including: Japanese strong style, extreme “hardcore” wrestling, Mexican lucha libre, traditional wrestling, shoot wrestling and more in the most challenging athletic wrestling encounters in the US.

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