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HWA: Main Event TV Taping Results plus camp news

Main Event TV Taping Results

Taping: February 10, 2004
Original Air Date: February 14, 2004 – Dayton’s UPN 44

Super Zeta & El Temor defeated Khan & Big Al

Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings defeated Tsunami

Deuce defeated Apollo

Cody Hawk and Matt Stryker came to the ring to call out Executive Committee Liaison Jaxon Breeze. They said they’ve beaten tag team after tag team, and they think they should get their shot at the Tag Team Titles. Number One and Number Four of The Militia saw things differently. They explained to Cody, Stryker and Jaxon that they’d been climbing the tag team ranks, even nearly eliminating the team of Deuce and Brian Jennings, and they weren’t asking for a title shot, they were demanding it. Former Tag Team Champions TJ Dalton and JT Stahr disagreed, citing their reign as tag champs, which ended at Ground Zero, making them the first team eligible for a shot at the belts. Champions Crazy J and Lotus made their way to the ring, and let all four teams know that they all deserved a shot, and they’d even put them on the line tonight in a four-way match. Jaxon Breeze set the record straight, letting TJ and JT know that they would receive a rematch first since they’d just lost the titles, and they’d receive it tonight. Also, he said he was holding Cody and Stryker to their word to go from the top to the bottom, and the next team they’d meet would be The Militia.

As the teams began to make their way to the back, Jaxon stopped Number Five and Patrick Black. He explained that he’d lost count of the number of times that Patrick had gotten out of hand over the years, but that Five had been a pretty bad girl lately. He explained that since she had taken to such actions as DDT’ing Senior Official Joe Kopasz, and then at Ground Zero throwing Kopasz into the ring steps, she would be suspended from action for two weeks! He called out Jenelle Sinclair and her friend AJ Sparx. Jenelle was scheduled to have a match with Number Five, but since Five was suspended, Jenelle would win by forfeit. AJ began to give Jenelle a pep talk, calling a win and win, until their discussion was interrupted by Hellena Heavenly. Hellena explained that Jenelle hadn’t pinned her, and that she was a waste as a wrestler. She called Jenelle a skank, and explained that she was nothing more than a glorified valet. Jenelle called Hellena out, saying she couldn’t believe those words were coming from the mouth of a women who spent years valeting for a rotating cast of men. The words became heated, and the two couldn’t be kept apart. Jaxon decided that since there wasn’t anything he enjoyed more than a good old catfight, we’d have a match right there with Jenelle Sinclair taking on Hellena Heavenly.

Hellena Heavenly defeated Jenelle Sinclair after AJ Sparx interfered on Jenelle’s behalf, but Jenelle wasn’t quick enough to get the cover for the pin.

Rory Fox and Mike Slade, the newest members of the Militia, came to ringside with Patrick Black. Rory explained to the fans that he’d found his passion again, and that the problem all along was the fans. He said he’s no longer Rapid Delivery, nor the Original MTV Superstar, but instead he was just Rory Fox, and that was good enough for him, so it was good enough for each and every one of the fans

Rory Fox & Mike Slade defeated Simply Spectacular & Hillbilly Jed

Matt Stryker & Cody Hawk defeated Number One and Number Four of The Militia after Mike Slade interfered with the tazer, but the plan backfired, putting a fellow Militia member at the mercy of the pinfall.

Chad Collyer defeated Hoss

TJ Dalton & JT Stahr defeated Crazy J & Lotus to regain the HWA Tag Team Championships

In the main event, Mike Desire defeated High IQ Quinten Lee after Senior Official Joe Kopasz was struck, and Gotti was in to make sure Quinten was out. After the match, Gotti joined in the celebration, and introduced the new TV Champion, Mike Desire. He talked about Rory Fox’s time has passed, Quinten Lee’s time has passed, and Mike Desire’s time…has passed, taking out his young protégé. He continued to beat down on Mike until Deuce and Brian Jennings came out for the save. He left Mike in the ring, telling him it was easy for them to win the title, but it’d be harder for Mike to keep it away from him.


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