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WWE Spending $5 Million advertising WrestleMania XX

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STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 12, 2004–
From Swimsuits and Oscar to Pizza Boxes and Tattoos, WrestleMania XX is Everywhere in Major Markets

World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE:WWE) has launched a multi-million dollar multimedia campaign to promote WrestleMania XX, which it predicts will be one of the most momentous events in Pay-Per-View history. On Sunday, March 14, 2004, WWE(R) will present WrestleMania XX to a sold-out Madison Square Garden filled with fans from 16 countries, 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Fans from more than 90 countries will have the opportunity to watch the event on Pay-Per-View.

Here in the U.S., WWE has taken its most aggressive approach ever to promoting its largest annual event, integrating promotions at the national, regional and local levels to “envelope” fans with an experience it hopes will prompt them to purchase WrestleMania XX in record numbers.

“WrestleMania XX will be one of those events that everyone will talk about and you’ll wish you had seen it live for yourself,” said Kurt Schneider, WWE Executive Vice President of Marketing. “Our goal is to use all available resources, from television to print to local guerilla marketing, to encourage fans that were, fans that are, and fans that will be to buy the Pay-Per-View and witness history for themselves. We want to aggressively keep the message in front of the public, from the moment they wake up to when they tuck themselves in at night.”

Schneider said that WWE has never taken its integration philosophy to such extremes before, but maintains it will be worth it. “A successful WrestleMania XX is integral to maintaining our momentum, and to further introducing our RAW(R) and SmackDown!(TM) Superstars and television brands to a larger audience,” said Schneider. “Once we have that larger audience, we can convert them into regular watchers of our television programming and users of our products.”

WWE is spending more than $5 million behind a campaign that uses a mix of traditional national media with local ads, street-level guerilla marketing and a grass-roots tour to promote WrestleMania XX, all using the tag line “WrestleMania XX: Where It All Begins…Again(TM).” Ads can be seen in national print magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, DC Comics and Mad Magazine, including special 4-page ads in Sports Illustrated’s 40th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue and Entertainment Weekly’s “Oscar Winners and Losers” issue. A national cable TV buy on TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim,” and online advertising on AOL, adds to the national reach.

Local tactics in major markets put the WrestleMania XX brand on outdoor billboards, taxi tops, bus shelters, trash receptacles, graffiti murals, wild postings, lobby kiosks in Loews and Magic Johnson theaters, and even on pizza boxes delivered to homes. Street teams will distribute one million Wrestlemania XX tattoos and stage stunts in New York and Los Angeles. WWE will take over Times Square in March with a special WrestleMania Hall of Fame display at Toys’R’Us.

The focus of the grassroots effort is WWE’s The Road to WrestleMania(R) Tour, which has been winding its way across the country since kicking off in Los Angeles in early January. The tour will make 50 stops. It has been attracting thousands of fans to Wal-Mart parking lots and House of Blues locations. The tour’s final destination is, of course, WrestleMania XX in New York City on March 14.

In addition, WWE has developed numerous WrestleMania XX promotions with cable services and satellite providers. Special Road to WrestleMania promotions are underway with MSOs including Time Warner, Comcast, and Adelphia, as well as with satellite providers DISH Network and DirecTV.

WWE publications and merchandise have been created specifically to mark this historic event. WrestleMania 3D magazine, a 96-page publication brought to fans in 3D, chronicles the pictorial history of WrestleMania I-XIX. . WrestleMania XX is prominently promoted in the recently released music CD, “WWE Originals.” As well, an assortment of WrestleMania XX products are being offered, most of which can be purchased through

Masterfoods USA’s Snicker’s Cruncher(R) is the Official Candy, Subway(R) is the Official Sandwich and Stacker 2(R)’s YJ Stinger(TM) is the Official Energy Drink of WrestleMania XX, which will be held on Sunday, March 14, 2004, and seen live around the world on pay-per-view. Sponsors of the Road to WrestleMania tour are Wal-Mart, House of Blues, THQ, Gibson Guitars and Fleer.

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