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Taker’s return, Benoit-Michaels -Triple H, Goldberg

– Undertaker is set to return to WWE under his old ‘deadman’ monicker to wrestle Kane at Wrestlemania XX with Vince McMahon as Kane’s manager. ‘Taker will be returning on Smackdown. There is some concern with the major heels on Smackdown that because of ‘Taker’s gimmick they won’t be able to get in any offence on him.

– WWE has offered Goldberg a new deal. The deal would involve the WWE retaining all Goldberg’s image rights. Goldberg couldn’t and wouldn’t accept the deal as he has commitments in Japan.

– It was Triple H’s idea to make his originally scheduled one-on-one match against Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania into a three-way which also included Shawn Michaels. There is also some talk that the bout will be turned into a ladder match but that has not been confirmed.