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Wrestling Channel Announcement, Final Line-Up and Channel Number…

About 10 mintues or so ago, Herbie made this announcement on TWC forums…

The Wrestling Channel is launching on March 15th, and will be on sky channel 432 – “Sports” genre.
Due to quantity restrictions on the amount of digits allowed on the listing, it will be listed as “Wrestling TV”

Here is the final Line-Up of Promotions and shows for the channel launch:

NWA: Total Non-Stop Action (TNA International & Xplosion shows)
Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA)
Ring of Honor (ROH)
Major League Wrestling (MLW)
CombatZone Wrestling (CZW)
Pro-Pain-Pro Wrestling (3PW)
CMLL (Mexican Wrestling)
New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)
Pro Wrestling NOAH
GAEA (Japanese Women’s Wrestling)
Classic NJPW: dating back from the 70’s onwards.
ITV: World of Sport
Memphis Classic Wrestling
RF Video: Shoot Interview Series
“Supercard Sunday” – We will be showing full 3 hr shows from various promotions from the last 2 years every Sunday night at 9pm. E.G. CZW: Best of the Best 2, MLW: Reload, ROH: Expect The Unexpected, FWA: Seasons Beatings, IwW: Ultimate Wrestling Experience, etc.

We plan to add as much as we can over the next 6 months.
We have ongoing negotiations with new & existing promotions, which could bring the possibility of UPW, Toryumon, Classic Wrestling Superstars, OVW, and more…